The Cleveland Cavaliers are having a rough season so far. After a slow start of the 2017-18 campaign, it seemed like the Cavaliers figured things out as they went on a 13-game winning streak in December. But over the past few weeks, the Cavs have turned to their old, bad habits, and they have now lost seven of their last nine games. They are currently holding the third spot in the Eastern Conference standings with a 26-16 record.

The way they have been playing lately, it will be very hard for them to catch the Boston Celtics for the number one seed in the East.

Having said all of this, and considering the injury issues the Cavs are having this season, it is almost inevitable that they will make some roster changes before the trade deadline in February.

Cavaliers ready to make some changes

It is more than obvious that the biggest issue the Cavaliers are having right now is their defense. They have the sixth-worst defense in the league, allowing their opponents to score an average of 108.5 points per game, according to It is apparent that the Cavs are lacking quality defenders on their roster, especially a rim protector and a guy that can guard the opponents' point guards and their shooting guards. The only respectable defenders the Cavaliers have on their roster are LeBron James, Jae Crowder, and Jeff Green.

Tristan Thompson hasn't been the rim protector the Cavs were hoping him to be, and it looks like some roster changes are about to be made.

It is no secret that the Cavs are ready to trade Tristan Thompson, especially in a potential deal for DeAndre Jordan from the Clippers. But other than this deal, there have been some interesting rumors lately regarding the Cavaliers and the Dallas Mavericks.

It seems the Cavs may have interest in two Mavericks players that could help them compete for the championship again.

Matthews, Noel teaming up with LeBron James?

According to Don McCormack of, acquiring Wesley Matthews and Nerlens Noel from the Mavericks is something the Cavaliers should and could consider. The Mavs are not making the playoffs this season, as they hold a mediocre 15-29 record at the bottom of the Western Conference standings.

Also, both of these players will be unrestricted free agents after this season and the Mavericks will be looking to move them if the right offer comes.

Both Matthews and Noel would be a great fit for the Cavaliers, at least it seems so on paper. Matthews is averaging 12.3 points and 3.1 rebounds per game so far this season while shooting nearly 39 percent from the three-point line. He is exactly what the Cavs need, a good three-point shooter and a solid defender for his position. At 6-foot-5, the 31-year-old Matthews can guard both the point guard and the shooting guard position. Nerlens Noel would give the Cavaliers a much-needed rim protection as he is much more known for his defense, than for his offense.

Noel holds career averages of 9.5 points, 7.2 rebounds, 1.4 blocks and 1.5 steals per game.

According to Bryan Kalbrosky of, a deal sending J.R. Smith, Channing Frye and Cedi Osman from Cleveland to Dallas in exchange for Noel and Matthews should work for both sides. You never know, it just might happen.