Gordon Hayward is not wasting any time hitting the rehabilitation process shortly after surgery. Agent Mark Barltestein, however, said that he doesn't expect him to return this season. In a phone interview with Barltestein, the agent is confident that Hayward will make a full recovery but says there is no timetable for his return yet.

The Celtics team is in full support of Gordon Hayward taking things day by day. "It's about getting better, healthier every day," Barltestein said. The franchise has released an official statement saying that the surgery was successful despite the intricate process of repairing bone and ligament fracture.

The agent also acknowledged the outpouring support of the fans, his teammates, and other sports personalities. Their prayers and words of encouragement significantly eased the burden of the injury. Gordon Hayward is touched by these. Additionally, the league has been very supportive of Hayward including players from the other teams.

A pre-recorded video shows him delivering a message to fans while getting treatment. "I'm going to be alright," Hayward said. The fans cheered for their player, even chanted his name prior to the Boston Celtics game against the Milwaukee Bucks.

Support for Gordon Hayward

According to Yahoo! Sports, some of Gordon's well-wishers include Kobe Bryant, Rob Gronkowski, and Julian Edelman.

Cavaliers' Isaiah Thomas also expressed his support for Gordon through twitter. More than anything, players who have been through similar season-ending injuries understood Gordon's grievances. Rob Gronkowski said: "Go into rehab just like you go into anything else: dominate it. Come back when you feel ready. Come back when you're 100 percent.

He wouldn't be where he is now if he wasn't a hard worker."

Fractured ankle on opening night

Gordon Hayward suffered a gruesome injury during the Cavs vs. Celtics games on NBA opening night. Hayward broke his ankle when he landed trying to deliver an alley-oop from Kyrie Irving. He immediately sprawled on the floor with several players reacting helplessly when they saw the injury.

A quick pause at Quicken Loans Arena while he received first aid.

LeBron James made his way to Hayward, who's already on a stretcher and offered words of encouragement for the player. The Boston Celtics are expected to release updates on Hayward's recovery, but for now, the team is all about rebuilding and making plans for their next game.