This year's Georgia Bulldogs have exceeded the expectations of many. They have gone from a football team with aspirations to doing well in the Sec to so much more. If they keep up their current level of play, a playoff berth could be in the cards. At least one former player - perhaps the school's biggest legend - seems to think a championship run could be fated. There's no greater authority on Georgia football than Herschel Walker, so if he believes big things are coming for the team, fans should be getting excited.

Walker reminds Georgia of 1980

The Macon Telegraph, a local paper, was able to scoop Walker's opinion of this season's football team while he was in Georgia this week. First, the former running back was asked about whether or not this year's team could make a run for the national title. He claimed they could, based on a glimpse of the game he caught against Notre Dame, in which he compared the team to his old 1980s squad.

He then went on to draw a comparison between the two eras of Georgia football. Walker claimed that the team was playing well together, just like they did in 1980, attributing the success to coach Kirby Smart. He may have also incensed the fans in the process by comparing the team to SEC juggernaut Alabama.

But even if that comparison ruffles feathers, every team in the country secretly wishes they were in the Crimson Tide. If Georgia is as good as Alabama this season, the country needs to watch out.

Georgia's title path

The Bulldogs are one of the few teams in the country without a loss on their resume. If they keep that up for the rest of the season, they're virtually guaranteed a playoff spot.

They have a decent chance of doing so, too; only one team currently ranked (Auburn on the road) remains on their schedule. Georgia doesn't have many signature wins yet - a victory over Notre Dame is the cream of the crop - but undefeated in the Power 5 is still impressive.

Odds are, Georgia will face Alabama in the SEC Championship Game.

If both teams are undefeated prior to that game, the winner will surely make the playoff. Frankly, the loser probably will too. That would put Georgia among the final four teams in the country.

The Bulldogs football program has been around since 1892, but they've only claimed two national titles in their history. For the first time in a long time, Georgia can finally add to that haul, led by a running game that would make even Herschel Walker blush.