Three games into the 2017-2018 NBA season, Dwyane Wade struggles to find his purpose on the Cavs' first unit. The shooting guard has been the center of attention since joining the Cavs after he replaced J.R. Smith in the starting lineup. Smith has since expressed his disappointment, but considerably been cooperative in order to win games. Now, it looks like Wade is having problems marking his spot, which led the decision to transfer him to the second unit.

Spencer Davies of Basketball Insiders caught up with Dwyane Wade during the Cavs practice on Monday and explains his possible move to the second unit.

According to Wade, he discussed with coach Tyronn Lue the possibility of him, leading the second squad as well as discussing what he has always done and that's being in the first unit.

Dwyane Wade's comment about the Cavs lineup

Wade explains that while he may have always played as a starting player, he's discovering his potential to lead the second unit of the Cavs' team. At the end of the day, his purpose for coming to the Cavs is to win games, bring his talent where it's needed and hopefully bring the championship home.

During his first three games, Wade averaged 5.7 pts. for a combined 53 percent shooting from the field and long distance.

Meanwhile, LeBron James also talked about Wade's move to the second squad saying they are still in the adjustment period. They continue to adjust including the rest of the team mainly J.R. Smith, Derrick Rose, and Jeff Green.

It's all about helping each other become more efficient. "This is a marathon and he knows it, he's been a part of it," James said. "He's been doing a little bit of both. I mean, he will have the ball in his hands and kinda initiates the offense," he added.

LeBron James on Dwyane Wade

The Cleveland Cavaliers' coach, Tyronn Lue, has yet to give his statement about the new arrangement, but for now, the team is exploring their option.

Prior to the start of the season, J.R. Smith talked to Tristan Thompson about getting booted from the starting spot. He admits, the conversation was not positive but they have been fair with the rest of team. Just like what Wade said, Sith is willing to play second as long as it means taking home road wins as well as home.

The Cavaliers are 2-1 as they move to face the Chicago Bulls on Tuesday, October 24, 2017, at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland Ohio. The Cavs successfully beat the Boston Celtics in their first matchup since Kyrie Irving left the team.