Dwyane Wade finally talks about his decision to bring his talent to Cleveland after agreeing to a buyout with the Chicago Bulls franchise. According to the former Miami Heat player, he's at the point of his career where he's seeking for one more championship and considers the Cleveland Cavaliers to be a valuable target. Nevertheless, he thanked Chicago for the great opportunity they gave him, fulfilling his lifelong dream of playing for his hometown.

Dwyane Wade on leaving the Chicago Bulls

As for his decision to leave Chicago, Wade said: "The team is now heading in a different direction, which has made me reevaluate where I need to be in this place of my career.

Being a part of a team that is in the process of rebuilding doesn't align with where I want to be right now no matter how difficult the decision may be."

Explaining why he chose Cleveland instead of the two other contenders mainly the San Antonio Spurs and Oklahoma Thunders, Wade said that Cleveland believed in his talents and what he's capable to add to the team both as a leader and a player. He also mentioned how he looks forward to playing with LeBron, whom he addressed as "brother" in his Twitter statement.

Chicago Bulls, Dwyane Wade buyout

According to reports, Dwyane Wade agreed to cut $10 million from his $30 million remaining contract with the Chicago Bulls. While the Miami Heat had the most money to offer Wade, the latter chose the Cleveland Cavaliers who made a $2.3 million offer for one year.

Meanwhile, the incidents leading to his decision to move to Cleveland was supported by his frequent meetings with LeBron James during the offseason. At one point, the two former teammates have seen dining in Los Angeles as well as workout together on some occasions. The meetings also sparked rumors that the Wade and James alongside Paul George of the Thunders were planning on joining the Lakers next season.

None of it seems to have been addressed by the players.

Dwyane Wade will play alongside LeBon James, Tristan Thompson, Kevin Love, J.R. Smith, and Isaiah Thomas who is expected to make a big comeback before the year ends. Currently, coach Tyrone Lue confirmed that Derrick Rose will play for Isaiah while he's still under rehabilitation due to a hip injury.

Dwyane Wade considers his decision to be a difficult one; having to leave his hometown to play for another but like what he said, he is on a quest for another championship during the waning years of his career and the Bulls did not fit his plans.