Last week, WWE fans were treated to a huge surprise when they saw the reunion of The Shield. The group, who’s one of WWE’s most popular factions created a buzzworthy moment as Dean Ambrose, seth rollins, and Roman Reigns appeared together inside the ring. The newly reunited trio is set to fight The Miz, The Bar, Kane, and Braun Strowman at the upcoming TLC PPV.

The Shield’s reformation has fans excited, yet they shouldn’t expect the group to last long. With Wrestlemania season approaching, the members are due to go in their separate directions.

Roman Reigns is expected to fight Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship.

So with Reigns busy with Lesnar, where does that leave Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. According to reports, the current tag team champions are set to split up soon. The plan is for Ambrose to turn heel and set up a match between him and Rollins at Wrestlemania.

The history with Ambrose and Rollins

Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins became huge stars during their time with the popular NXT originated group, The Shield. Even though Roman Reigns was viewed as the top star in the group, Ambrose and Rollins were just as popular. Many even consider the two as the true leaders of the faction. Within their first year on the roster, both men achieved success with Ambrose winning the United States Championship and Rollins winning the tag titles with Reigns.

The group had a successful two-year run before Seth betrayed his brothers and sided with The Authority. Following the breakup of The Shield, Seth and Dean entered into a heated feud with Ambrose seeking revenge against his former friend. The two faced off in numerous matches, which ultimately saw Rollins coming out the victor.

After their feud, they went on to different storylines. But they crossed paths again in June 2016, when Dean cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase to win the WWE championship from Rollins. Following their rematch at Battleground, in which Ambrose successfully retained his title, the two switched brands with Dean going to Smackdown and Seth staying on RAW.

In April 2017, Ambrose was drafted to RAW, where he would eventually reunite with Rollins. They teamed up to take on The Miztourage on an episode of Monday Night RAW. Despite Ambrose’s trust issues, he teamed with Rollins again to take on The Bar at Summerslam, where they captured the tag team championships.

Heel Ambrose

For the past two years, Ambrose has been one of the top babyfaces in WWE. Yet, that hasn’t stopped the crowd from wanting a heel turn for the Lunatic Fringe. Recently, Ambrose has come under criticism with many people feeling his character had become stale. A heel turn would be just the thing to revive him.

With the WWE, plans can change at any moment. But it appears the company is strongly heading towards another feud with Ambrose and Rollins, odds are with the roles reversed this time. Whether Ambrose turns heel or not, he is sure to put on a heck of a show with his feud with Rollins.