WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose has been one of WWE's top go-to guys for years now. Whenever they need a face to come in and give a good match to someone, they call Ambrose. When WWE wanted to change things up with the brand split, Ambrose was sent to "WWE SmackDown Live" to be their top face and remained that even when John Cena appeared throughout the year. He held the WWE World Championship when he first arrived and truly dominated while holding the gold, before finally dropping it to AJ Styles.

Ambrose has always tried to push the envelope whenever he could, however, he does not push for a lot in the back.

Normally, Ambrose is known for being pretty laid back and okay with his place in WWE. He prefers to let what happens inside the ring and on television do the talking for him, while others think that he should talk more in the back. In fact, it is rumored that friends of his had to push for Dean to be given more opportunities in WWE that he more than deserved for the hard work he put in.

'Lazy and Complacent'

According to Ringside News, the promo The Miz went with on "Wwe Raw" was not a random line that the former World Champion thought up on the spot. Rather, WWE fed him a line to say regarding Dean Ambrose being lazy and complacent as someone in the back believe is the case. WWE laid something similar out last year as John Cena said "Stone Cold was right when he called you out on his podcast." Austin mentioned something similar, saying he was complacent and did not seem like he wanted to do more.

Ambrose took great exception to that and has been on a tear ever since, but that was due to opportunities he had been given and did well with.

Now he is the WWE Intercontinental Champion and back on "WWE RAW," where WWE placed him to help ratings. On top of all of this, he has been in more matches than anyone in the WWE the last few years and has main evented most every live event he was part of, and even pulled double duty some nights to help out.

"Lazy" by no means makes sense. The title of that is actually something that fits another in the WWE. Ambrose called out Brock Lesnar for similar things, calling him lazy regarding their match at "WrestleMania 32" that had a lot of hype but ended up being terrible due to Lesnar not wanting to do a lot of what Ambrose wanted.

So what happens now?

Usually when something like this is said to a wrestler, especially publicly, it is a shot from management to wake the talent up. Ambrose is clearly not any of these things, but he is happy with his career and loves being with WWE. He has been given multiple chances to do well and has excelled when given opportunities to do so. Weirdly, WWE hates when people try to over-politicize things, such as trying to move up the card through friendships or relationships. In fact, they made a rule that talent can no longer date people in management to avoid this kind of issue.

However, many people in the WWE locker room like Ambrose and he is always considered to be reliable. Everyone knows what they can expect from Dean and that alone is worthy of merit.

Obviously, if someone in WWE was sending a message to Ambrose through The Miz then it was heard loud and clear. He was able to step up more to prove doubters wrong last year, so perhaps he will do it again this year to show he is none of these things...even though fans already know that.