The Toronto Raptors tipped-off their regular season with a win against the Chicago Bulls, 117-101. Playing from the bench, Cj Miles delivered for his team, scoring 6 for 9 from 3 point range. The former Indiana Pacers had his points in the second quarter during a 22-2 run against the Bulls. Miles shared in an interview with the CBS Sports that he wanted to able to be the spark that comes in, communicate and bring energy to the team. DeMar DeRozan also added that it was great to have Miles on the team working with them instead of against them. He found a lot to like about him in his first game with the Raptors.

The Toronto Raptors were able to keep up the lead in the first (25-23) and set up a wide gap in the second quarter with a score of 33-14. Although the Bulls regained the lead in the third (26-27) and fourth quarter (33-37), it was not enough to fill the gap. The Raptors then wrapped up the game with a 16 point advantage (117-101). The Raptors performed with a total of 47.0 percent field goals, 44.8 percent in the 3 point range and 92.9 percent free throws against the Chicago Bulls with 41.6 percent total field goals, 33.3 percent 3 point shots and 84.2 percent free throws.

Jonas Valanciunas and CJ Miles led the Raptors to victory

Valaciunas, the top scorer of the Raptors collected 23 points (9-17 FG, 0-1 3Pt, 5-6 FT), fifteen rebounds, two assists and four personal fouls in 30 minutes.

This was followed by his teammate from the bench, CJ Miles with an impressive 22 points (7-12 FG, 6-9 3Pt, 2-2 FT), five rebounds and four personal fouls in just 20 minutes. Likewise, Norman Powell scored 15 points (5-11 FG, 3-6 3Pt, 2-2 FT), four rebounds, one assist and one personal foul. Thursday's high-volume effort certainly came as a surprise from Valanciunas since he took just 8.8 shots across 25.8 minutes per game last season.

Robin Lopez of the Bulls scored a team-high 18 points

Despite the loss, Robin Lopez scored 18 points (7-15 FG, 0-1 3Pt, 4-4 FT), eight rebounds, two assists and three personal fouls in 31 minutes. Lauri Markkanen trailed behind with a score of 17 points (5-12 FG, 2-6 3Pt, 5-6 FT), eight rebounds and two personal fouls alongside Justin Holiday scoring 15 points (5-16 FG, 4-12 3Pt, 1-1 FT), four rebounds and two assists.

Lopez averaged 10.4 points, 1.4 blocks per game and 6.4 rebounds per game last season. With Rajon Rondo, Jimmy Butler and Dwayne Wade no longer on the team, his numbers could rise. Meanwhile, Due to Nikola Mirotic and Bobby Portis' absence, Markkanen was able to produce big numbers in his regular season debut. He stepped up his game and was only a little short of a double-double.