After Gordon Hayward's injury, the Celtics (1-2) struggled to find their first win of the season. Hayward was injured with a mangled ankle during their opener against the Cleveland Cavaliers which caused the Celtics' first loss. In their second game, the team was still trying to get used to Hayward's absence and lost against the Milwaukee Bucks.

Nonetheless, in the game against the Sixers (0-2), Kyrie Irving emerged and proved why he may be the man in Boston just like he used to in Cleveland. Throughout the game, the Celtics took their lead in the first, third and fourth quarter scoring 24-21, 23-22 and 33-20.

Despite the Sixers leading in the second quarter (22-29), the Celtics won the game with a 10 point advantage (102-92). The Celtics performed with a total of 41.7 percent field goals, 34.5 percent in the 3 point range and 68.8 percent free throws against the Sixers with 38.0 percent total field goals, 31.3 percent 3 point shots and 75.0 percent free throws.

Kyrie Irving scores a game-high 21 points

Kyrie Irving was Celtics's top scorer collecting 21 points, six rebounds, four assists, and five turnovers across 35 minutes. Al Harford trailed behind with a score of 17 points, nine rebounds, three assists, and four turnovers in 36 minutes.Likewise, Jayson Tatum scored 15 points, eight rebounds and eight blocks cross 32 minutes.

Irving, the former Cavaliers, is still trying to adapt with the rest of the Celtics' roster. With his injured teammates Gordon Hayward (ankle), Marcus Morris (knee) and Marcus Smart (ankle), the job was even harder.

Nonetheless, Irving delivered and made up the scoring he previously lacked in their two games. In the same way, the Celtics' offense is still trying to find its way with Kyrie Irving.

On the process, Al Harford is providing a valuable stabilizing presence in the frontcourt. He is expected to continue serving as both secondary scoring and distributing option for the team.

JJ Redick of Sixers finished with 19 points

Despite the loss, JJ Redick tallied 19 points and four assists across 35 minutes. Jerryd Bayless also contributed 18 points, one rebound, and one assist in 30 minutes.

Robert Covington trailed behind with a score of 12 points, two assists, two rebounds and two turnovers. Throughout the game, Redick stuck to his role and gave Sixers a threat beyond the arc. In his last three season with the Clippers, the veteran guard averaged 2.6 or 2.7 three-pointers per game. However, looking at his performance in the Philadelphia Sixers, he might blow past that level this season.