As we look into Monday night's game which will feature two of the best teams in the Eastern Conference going to battle in game one of their series, Demar Derozan has made some comments about LeBron James.

DeMar is a three time NBA all-star, achieving the honor in 2014, 2016 and 2017 and is regarded as one of the best scorers in the NBA today. The superstar shooting guard averaged over 27 points per game this season, one of the highest scorers in the league. DeRozan will be looking to show off his scoring ability in round two of the NBA playoffs when the Toronto Raptors face the Cleveland Cavaliers, but he knows there is a man on the other team that is looking to do nothing more than to destroy him.

That man, is LeBron James.

DeMar DeRozan made a few comments about Bron Bron

DeMar DeRozan took an interview just days before game one of the playoff series against the Cleveland Cavaliers. He talked to reporters, and was asked a lot about the team he is facing, more specifically the player that leads that team. When a reporter asked DeRozan what he thinks of when someone mentions LeBron James, he said:

"One of the greatest ever, you gotta give him that. The things that he's been able to do over his whole career is amazing. To see it, grow up watching it, being able to compete against him and seeing it first hand, definitely one of the all time greatest."

DeMar also complimented LeBron's defense.

Something that a lot of the time gets overlooked by people, the Raptors shooting guard is aware of. DeMar stated:

"His awareness on that floor is amazing, with his speed, his quickness to get on the ball, to recover. You just gotta be conscious of it, something may look good for a split second but you gotta understand he's watching as well...

The thing about LeBron is, something may look open and he comes out of nowhere for a steal."

DeRozan definitely knows all about the defensive prowess of King James. He has had to battle him a lot in his career, and he knows how hard it is to score on him. As one of the best scorers in the league, he still admits to struggling to put the ball in the basket when being guarded by the kid from Akron.

The greatest DeRozan has played against?

A reporter asked DeMar DeRozan: Is he the best player you've ever played against? DeRozan's response: "Him and Kobe".

There is certainly a high level of respect that DeRozan holds for LeBron. But he will need a little more than respect if he's interested in defeating the King's team in the series. We all know how it went the last time they matched up... sweep, sweep.