John Cena and Roman Reigns are scheduled in a Wrestlemania caliber match at "No Mercy" which is on September 24. It is totally a dream match and the entire WWE universe is excited and fired up for this amazing match.

On Smackdown in July 2002, Kurt Angle gave an opportunity to a young John Cena. Cena took Kurt Angle to his limit, and it was a career-defining night which eventually turned into a title run for him. That day, the Undertaker was impressed by John and told him that he is a future champion. Jason Jordan was provided with the same opportunity when he got an opportunity to face Cena.

It was very similar to the opportunity that the 'Master of Thuganomics' was given on Smackdown 15 years ago.

What happened in that match?

Today, it is very difficult for an amateur wrestler to stand in front of John as he has a lot of experience inside WWE ring. The match between Jason and John was a highly competitive match and was difficult for anyone to predict the winner throughout the match. Cena tried to turn this match to a fight but Jordan stood up, changed his game plans and started fighting John Cena.

Jason Jordan kept exchanging blows with Cena and then John dragged Jason to the center of the ring and gave him STF submission move but Jason countered Cena's attack and changed it to his own attack.

Jordan was very close to winning the match against John Cena. But towards the end, Cena was able to turn things around and just like that he gave an Attitude Adjustment to Jason Jordan and he did it again by winning the match.

Reigns comes to the ring

As soon as their match ended, the entrance music of Roman Reigns hit. He entered the ring and questioned Cena on his credibility as he took so long to beat a new look superstar.

The 16-time world champion John Cena assured Roman Reigns that he will teach him a lesson at "No Mercy" and said that he that he doesn't respect Roman, he even respects people like The Miz and Chad Gable because they have fought for every single opportunity, unlike Roman Reigns.

Roman Reigns challenged him to fight right there on the spot but Cena did not attack him.

In response, Roman called him an "All Show No Go" and walked away. Cena kept looking towards Reigns and the promo ended.

What will happen at No Mercy?

John Cena and Roman Reigns are building the hype of the match to a great extent and this may force the WWE Universe to come and watch the match at WWE's "No Mercy," which is scheduled on September 24. There is one more interesting match at "No Mercy," which is a huge contest between Braun Strowman and Brock Lesnar.