Tom Brady turned 40 last month, but age doesn't seem to be affecting his play. 2016 was a great year for Brady, as he won the Super Bowl and finished second in the MVP race despite missing first four games of the season. There haven't been many quarterbacks that have been successful after they turned 40 and many experts are predicting that Brady's game will fall off this season. But Brady isn't an ordinary quarterback and on Sunday against the Saints, he showed that he is still as good as ever. After a tough loss against the Chiefs in the season opener, Brady and the Patriots bounced back and easily defeated the New Orleans Saints.

Brady threw for 447 yards while completing 30 of his 39 pass attempts. He joined Warren Moon as the only QB age 40 or older to throw for over 400 yards and three TDs.

Tom Brady is better than ever

The most important thing for NFL QBs is their ability to read defenses and make the right decisions. Coaches and teams in the NFL are very smart, so when a young QB comes into the league they try to take advantage of their inexperience and force them to make mistakes. That is an advantage for older quarterbacks like Brady, as they have spent so much time in the league that it is almost impossible to surprise them. Tom Brady has been playing the best football of his career in the last couple of years.

He is a hard worker who does everything he can do in order to improve his body and his game. He takes care of his body better than anyone, has a strict diet and a maniacal workout routine. Brady stated that he is quicker and faster now than he was when he first entered the league. Tom Brady is a winner and he knows what it takes to be a champion.

He is not an athletic quarterback, but he understands the game better than anyone and uses his mind to gain an advantage over any defense he faces. Tom Brady has a great personal life, a loving wife, and a supporting family which is very important for him because it keeps him calm and focused. That is something he didn't have when he first came into the league and it helped him mature and improve.

Tom Brady will not retire after the 2017 NFL season

In an interview with ''CBS This Morning'' co-anchor Norah O'Donnell, Tom Brady stated that he will not retire after the 2017 NFL season! Brady stated that he wants to retire on his own terms while playing his best football. He loves the game of football and will do anything to extend his career. Tom Brady is the best quarterback to ever play this game and it is a privilege to watch him play.