In the opening game of the 2017/2018 NFL season, Kansas City Chiefs pulled of a major upset and beat the highly favored New England Patriots 42-27. The New England Patriots made a couple of great moves this offseason and many experts thought they could go 19-0 this year-but that dream is already over.

Alex Smith ,who is probably playing for his job since many fans want to see Patrick Mahomes on the field as soon as possible, played great and threw for 368 yards. He completed 28 of 35 pass attempts and passed for four touchdowns. Rookie Kareem Hunt had a great game after he fumbled on his first carry.

He ran the ball 17 times for 148 yard. He also had 5 receptions for 98 yard. Tyreke Hill caught 7 passes for 133 yards .The Chiefs' defense played great, especially later in the game. Justin Houston had 2 sacks and Allan Bailey had one.

For the Patriots Tom Brady went 16 of 35 for 267 yards with no touchdowns. Danny Amendola had 6 receptions for 100 yards and Mike Gillislee ran the ball 15 times for 45 yards with three touchdowns. Patriots started the game strong, they scored on their first drive but they just couldn't produce and get 3rd downs in the second half. Their defense played very poorly, allowing the Chiefs to move the ball down the field at will and allowing couple of long TD passes.

Injury-crippled Patriots face the Saints in week 2

But, the lost to the Chiefs isn't the only bad news for the Patriots tonight. After already losing Julian Edelman for the entire season the Patriots are having even more problems. Malcolm Mitchell, who had a great impact in the Super Bowl win over the Falcons, was placed on the IR.

Dont'a Hightower left the game with a knee injury, which was a bad blow to New England's front seven. Receiver Danny Amendola left the game and was checked for a concussion. This left the Patriots with only three healthy receivers. Patriots are facing the New Orleans Saints in week 2. Good news for the Patriots is the fact that Saints' defense is one of the worst in the league, but on the other hand Drew Brees may be the best pure passer in the NFL today.

Losses like this don't happen to the Patriots often, especialy in Gillete Stadium, but if they have taught us anything it's that we should never write them off.

Chiefs face the Eagles in week 2

After demolishing the Patriots in the season opener Chiefs move on to face the Eagles in week 2. They can be encouraged because of great plays made by Alex Smith, Justin Houston, Kareem Hunt and Tyreke Hill among others. Only bad news for them is Eric Berry's injury, that they already said looks serious. Loosing Berry would be a huge hit for this great Kansas City defense. If Alex Smith can maintain this level of play, Chiefs look like a serious championship contender.