In a recent interview with Stephen King, free agent QB Colin Kaepernick said that he still wants to play in the NFL and is simply waiting for the phone call. Unfortunately, that phone call hasn't come yet and Kaepernick still doesn't have an NFL home. After taking a knee during the national anthem all of last season and making a number of statements about the state of America, NFL owners have been hesitant to sign the QB. They are worried about the distraction he could cause for his team. But after two weeks, many Teams could utilize Kaepernick's skill set.

What teams could use this unsigned QB?

Indianapolis Colts

The Colts are in a terrible situation at the QB position. Andrew Luck has no timetable for his return after having off-season shoulder surgery. The Colts made a trade with the New England Patriots to acquire Jacoby Brissett. Scott Tolzein was terrible in week one against the Rams, throwing two-pick sixes in that game and was benched later in the game. Brissett was the starter against Arizona and played decently, but still struggled throughout the game. Kaepernick is an intelligent QB, so he can come in and learn the offense very quickly. If the Colts want to save their season, calling Colin might be their best move.

New York Jets

It's surprising that the Jets are in need of a quarterback because they were one of the favorites to sign Kaepernick once he hit free agency.

They eventually backed off but the Jets look like they could use him desperately. The Jets have nothing going for them on offense, as they have no star power at any position. Colin Kaepernick's ability to create plays by running could add a possible threat to any team the Jets will face this season. New York's front office is more worried about bringing a player with a background of social activism to their team than winning games.

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars are stuck in a QB issue with Blake Boartles. He hasn't lived up to expectations and the rest of the Jaguars team is ready to win now. Chad Henne is the backup, but the results will be the same if he is put into the starting rotation. The Jags could really use a QB like Kaepernick. He fits the 'win now' narrative of the Jags and with his experience and skills he can lead them to a win in the very subpar AFC South.

Colin Kaepernick not having a team to play for is very unfortunate, as he has all of the qualifications that a QB should have. The fact that he hasn't even been signing to a backup role is bizarre as well. Hopefully, one team will finally budge and give him the shot he deserves being a QB in the NFL. All three of these teams could use Colin Kaepernick at the helm, but will any of them budge?