The New England Patriots have been struggling this season, as they currently have a 3-2 record and are ranked 3rd in their division behind the Bills and the Jets. This has been a disappointing season for the current Super Bowl champions, as they have been playing very poorly and haven't been looking like Super Bowl contenders. After they made some moves in the offseason many experts and fans predicted they would go undefeated this season, but they were proven wrong after the season opener as the Patriots lost to the Chiefs. They defeated the Buccaneers, the Texans, and the Saints, but haven't shown much improvement, especially on the defensive side of the field.

Gronk has been struggling with injuries

Rob Gronkowski has been one of the best players in the NFL over the past couple of years, despite missing many games because of the injuries. After the Patriots lost Julian Edelman for the season and Malcolm Mitchell until at least week 9, the Patriots offense needs Gronk this season more than ever. And he has performed very well, as he caught 20 passes for 318 yards and two touchdowns. But, he has also been struggling with injuries this season. He left the game against the Saints in week 2 because of a groin injury and didn't return. After the game, he stated that it wasn't serious and he played for the Patriots against the Texans in week 3 and the Panthers in week 4.

According to Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald, Gronk was diagnosed with a thigh contusion after his leg was whipped during a game against the Panthers and it was difficult for Gronk to move. Gronk didn't play against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Thursday.

Rob Gronkowski will play against the Jets

The New York Jets currently have a 3-2 record and are ahead of the Patriots in the AFC East ranking.

This will be an important game for both teams and they are hoping to have their best players available. Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald reported that Rob Gronkowski will play against the Jets at MetLife Stadium on Sunday. According to Howe, Rob Gronkowski appears to be ready to take the field on Sunday in a match against the AFC East rivals.

Gronk is probably the best tight end in the NFL history when healthy and it is crucial for the Patriots to have him in their team. The New England Patriots are being cautious with Gronk, but on Sunday he will have to play because if the Patriots lose there is a big chance that they will miss the Playoffs for the first time since 2008.