The Kansas City Chiefs are looking like they are the top team in the NFL. They came back with another strong offensive showing late against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday. For much of that game, the offense looked very anemic, not being able to convert on plays and making mental errors. The Eagles threw some different things at The Chiefs and put up a good fight, but give credit to Alex Smith and co. for staying with the gameplan and finding a way to win. Now sitting at 2-0 the Chiefs look like the top team in the league.

Two different games

These past two weeks for Kansas City couldn't have been more different.

In Week 1 they poured on the points against the defending champion Patriots, running them out the stadium with a score of 42-27. The offense was looking like they hit midseason form as Alex Smith threw for over 300 yards and 3 TDs. This week against the Eagles it was a completely different story. The defense stepped up, keeping the game close as they saw that the offense was having trouble moving the ball the entire game.

Creating a turnover when the game was tied gave the Chiefs the boost they needed and they took the ball and gained the lead on a Travis Kelce touchdown. They didn't look back after that and iced the game on a Kareem Hunt touchdown. The first two weeks have been on opposite sides of the spectrum for the Chiefs.

One week it was a high-scoring affair, and the next it was a defensive slugfest. The Chiefs are finding ways to win no matter the circumstances and this should put smiles on the faces of Chiefs fans.

Hunting season

Rookie running back Kareem Hunt out of Toledo has been a big part of the Chiefs' offense in the first two weeks.

After setting the record for most scrimmage yards in a debut (247) against the Patriots, Hunt continued by getting over 100 scrimmage yards against the Eagles, including a go-ahead touchdown that helped seal the game. Nobody expected Hunt to have this kind of impact this quickly, but he has proven his worth to a team who didn't know what to do when projected starter Spencer Ware went down with a season-ending knee injury.

The Chiefs struck gold with this draft pick and now he is helping the Chiefs' offense be one of the most dangerous offenses in the NFL.

Kansas City showed their ability to make adjustments this week, which is crucial in the NFL. The Chiefs have an identity of physical defense and versatile offense and teams will have a tough time planning for them for the rest of the season. The Chiefs have created a gap between them and the rest of the NFL, showing that they are the team to beat, not the Patriots.