Contrary to previous reports that the Indiana Pacers are planning on filing a separate law suit against the Los Angeles Lakers, owner Herb Simon released a statement opposing the news. According to him, the franchise has not considered filing a separate tampering case against the Lakers, further noting that they are contented with the NBA's decision to fine the Lakers with $500,000.

In a statement by Herb Simon, featured on USA Today's Jeff Zillgitt he said: "I would like to emphatically state that neither I nor the Indiana Pacers have ever considered any legal action toward the NBA or the Los Angeles Lakers regarding the latest decision and penalty concerning tampering charges.

We agree with the NBA's findings, and we want to put this issue behind us."

The Indiana Pacers, Herb Simon, and tampering issue

The Lakers were fined $500,000 over tampering issue involving Paul George of the Thunders. According to reports, the Lakers, led by magic johnson broke an NBA rule governing tampering. Tampering involves enticing a player or any of his agents or consultants while they are still under contract with another team. In Paul George's case, the Lakers went after him after he made it known that he is interested in playing for the franchise.

Paul George traded to the Thunders

Unfortunately, his remaining contract with the Indiana Pacers prevented him from choosing his next team.

Instead, he was traded to the Thunders. The Lakers, on the other hand, took the initiative to talk to George's agent that led to the tampering issue. The Lakers have apologized over the mistake and Johnson has picked up the tab saying: "I apologize to Jeanie, and that was the main thing. I told her she could take it out of my salary because I don't want the Lakers to be paying that fine."

Magic Johnson said, the incident happened under his watch and he also wants to apologize to the fans.

He values the Laker brand, further adding that it was a mistake that can still be corrected. The Pacers made the move of trading George before they reach the 2018 free agency wherein, they will have to let go of George without getting anything in return.

Former Oklahoma Thunders Kevin Durant said, the Pacers basically gave away George when the franchise traded him to the Thunders. Paul George, on the other hand, expressed his commitment to the team while he's at it but also implied that he may still consider his Lakers option next season.