After Paul George was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunders, the Indiana Pacers have another thing going after the Los Angeles Lakers committed to tampering. The NBA has since slapped the Lakers organization with a $500,000 fine after a thorough investigation, but the Pacers are still not quite impressed. According to the latest reports, the Indiana Pacers are planning on suing the LA Lakers for tampering.

But can they pull another case after the NBA set its rules already? Eric Pincus on the Bleacher Report noted on twitter the governing rules in the NBA, which may void the Pacers intention to file a different case against the Lakers.

"Anyone can try to sue just about anyone, but teams are not going to get far, NBA has its laws set in constitution and bylaws," said the Twitter post. Both teams are expected to deliver their statement regarding the issue.

Lakers GM issues apology

The Los Angeles Lakers barely made it through an investigation about tampering Paul George's trade to the Thunders. According to previous reports, the Lakers were caught communicating with George's agent after the trade; an action that is illegal in the book of NBA rules. Before the trade, Paul George has expressed his eagerness to play for the LA Lakers, but with his remaining one-year contract with the franchise, the team's decision suffices.

In a statement from Lakers GM Rob Pelinka, he said: "We respect and accept the NBA's decision regarding this matter.

On behalf of the Los Angeles Lakers, I want to express our regret over this unfortunate incident to both our fans and the NBA."

Kevin Durant's comment on the trade

Indiana Pacers' Herb Simon's separate legal action may still happen but is largely seen as a failing battle because of the NBA's existing rules. NBA Insider's Peter Vescey news source also said: "He’s so fed up, don’t be shocked if he sues the league and the Lakers for damages." A few weeks ago, former Thunder Kevin Durant said in a podcast that the Indiana Pacers gave away Paul George.

Meaning, with no impressive trade options, he was brought to a team that is likely to offer less than what they deserved.

Meanwhile, Paul George remains open to playing with the Lakers next season. While he has not committed to the team, he revealed that he would do everything to help the Thunders and think about the next chapter after the season ends. George is considered to be one of the best players the Indiana Pacers had in franchise history.