Jack Nicholson is a courtside seat superstar for the Lakers who has been sitting for them for years. He is a fixture at the Forum and then the Staples Center, and now the Clippers want to have the same kind of people coming to their games to sit at courtside.

They know that famous people will buy things when they are really expensive, and they are rolling out a pricing plan that will make people want to buy those expensive tickets. This is a smart move, but it probably cannot grow the Fan Base for the Clippers like they think it will.

Stars only beget tabloids

It is more likely that we will talk about who went to the games just to talk about them for a minute. You have seen the news where people talk about who showed up to a game, and it was usually some superstar that you have heard of before. That is exciting and fun, but it is not really a way to build the fan base. The people who love the team cannot latch on in today's world because they are doing other things besides following the Clippers. You cannot build a new team into a fan favorite because the Lakers have been the fan favorite forever in Los Angeles.

The Clippers need a new building

Rumors have swirled that the Clippers could go to another building so that they can have their own space that they do not share with the Lakers.

It would be good for them because they would not have to share space with a team that has so much history, and they would not be sharing the building with the fans of the Lakers. Lakers fans like myself think that we owned the Forum and now the Staples Center. We almost do not even acknowledge that the Clippers exist. Being in a new location with superstar fans would be helpful for the Clips.

They may find a superfan

Drake is a super fan of the Raptors to the point where we wonder how long it will be before he buys stake in the team, and we have even joked that he should just buy them outright one day. He does love the team that much, and having a new crop of super fans could be useful if people identify them solely with the Clippers.

That means that they have come to the scene late enough that we do know know if they are fans of anyone else, and they will carry their Clippers fandom with them everywhere.

The Clippers can build something

Their window may have closed for today, but the Clippers finally have better ownership who can make these changes that are required. Someone who is ready to drop major money on tickets can do so soon, and they could become the celebrity face of the Clippers.