LeBron James and Steph Curry are arguably among the best players in the NBA right now. They have both been champions, earning MVP titles and other accolades. Their rivalry often goes beyond the floor. However, according to BBC, LeBron James sided with Steph Curry in one common goal — to go up against Donald Trump. The US president recently made comments involving Curry and his team’s supposed White House visit.

Curry’s hesitation

In a press conference, the Golden State Warriors superstar was once again asked about his decision to visit the White House.

Although his answers were quite vague, it cannot be denied that he was hesitant. In reality, however, Curry is not the first one to voice out his hesitation or decision. His fellow teammate Kevin Durant and coach Steve Kerr both clamored their decision not to pay the White House a visit. Basically, NBA champions were expected to visit said place as part of the league's tradition. But this time around, it is different. The entire organization is hesitant, as they believe Trump is not worthy, as per a report from ESPN.

Trump, on the other hand, made the public know about his own take on the issue. He said that Steph Curry and the rest of the Golden State Warriors are no longer invited to the White House.

He announced this on Twitter after the 29-year-old NBA superstar voiced his opinion. Trump’s tweet earned the attention of Cleveland Cavaliers' LeBron James, who called him a "bum." James added that going to the White House has always been an “honor,” but this changed when Trump “showed up.” The King, though, was known for being a Hilary Clinton supporter during the 2016 presidential election campaign.

The Warriors’ released statement

The fiasco urged the organization to release an official statement, explaining their side. They mentioned about seriously considering turning down the “traditional invitation,” which was meant to celebrate the team’s recent NBA title success. Curry talked about inspiring “change” if and only if he refuses to visit the president’s sanctuary.

He added that the non-visit does not necessarily make things better, but for him, it was an opportunity to stand for what he believes in. He also encouraged other athletes to do the same thing.

In a report from Time, the entire Warriors organization will instead travel to Washington sometime in February. This despite having no presidential invite, as they plan to cherish diversity, equality, and inclusion. Other NBA superstars like Kobe Bryant voiced their own opinion, too. The former LA Lakers superstar said that a US president causing division will not be able to “Make America Great Again.”