There is definitely a lot of things to look forward to in the gaming industry. First is the fact that Microsoft’s Xbox One X is on its way, looking to tighten up the competition with Sony. Apparently, though, the latter is not a lackluster.

According to Fraghero, the tech giant understands the potential of Microsoft’s upcoming console. Hence they are believed to be delivering their own piece of hardware,: the PlayStation 5. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

PlayStation 5 details

Xbox One X is already confirmed and is even deemed the world’s “most powerful console.” But for Sony to actually make the competition interesting, they will have to go beyond their current product, PlayStation 4.

Sure, the latter – most especially the Pro version – is superb and robust; however, it can't be denied that it still lacks some key features. This is where PlayStation 5 enters. As a matter of fact, Sony’s very own CEO Shawn Layden has shed some light regarding the new console.

Layden confirmed, first and foremost, that PlayStation 5 is coming. He added, however, that the company would require some time before making any official announcement. In an interview with, Layden explained that PlayStation 4 Pro, contrary to popular belief, is an improvement over PlayStation 4. It is not a replacement, as what most gamers and critics believe. When asked about the possible timeline for PlayStation 5, Layden said: “probably be some time.” Of course, the subtle answer is understandable considering the fact that Sony is still riding the success of Pro.

Possible release date

There are analysts, though, who suggest that PlayStation 5 is likely to arrive in 2018. Believe it or not, these are the same analysts who predicted the release dates of the PlayStation 4 Pro and Slim. A famous analyst by the name of Michael Pachter believes that there is also a possibility of a 2019 release date.

He justified that Sony would want to ride the soaring fame of 4K TVs, which are believed to grow even more popular by 50 percent in the said year. If this happens, Sony releasing PlayStation 5 that year is nearly perfect. Why? That is because more and more people would try to take advantage of the console’s full potential.

For now, everyone’s knowledge about PlayStation 5 is close to none.

But at least the company itself confirmed the upcoming release of the console. Given how competitive the company is, it is safe to say that the console will arrive in the near future. Obviously, Layden would want to make the competition harder for Microsoft.