The NBA offseason has officially ended and the training camps and preseason are set to begin. Media day kicked off today with teams doing their occasional interviews and photo-ops before training camps officially open. Lots of main attractions were scheduled to take the podium today as almost all NBA All-Stars were set to do interviews. Here are a few updates on what happened on day one of media day.

LeBron says Kyrie is now against him

The Kyrie Irving-LeBron James saga has been one of the biggest stories this offseason, especially with the media trying its best to put fire in the trade to create some friction.

NBA on TNT has posted a video where LeBron was asked if he had any advice or words of encouragement for Kyrie going into this season. LeBron went on to say in a joking manner that he now has no advice to give Kyrie and that he has no time for giving advice to other people since he is concentrating on winning a championship with Cleveland. He added that even if his own son played for a different team and that they needed to face each other he still would not give any advice.

LeBron is entering his 15th season in the NBA, and he is set and focused on winning his fourth NBA championship. He enters this season with a change in his squad with new faces like Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Jeff Green, Kendrick Perkins, and former NBA Most Valuable Player in Derrick Rose.

Despite the departure of Kyrie Irving this offseason, the Cleveland Cavaliers are still looking like the favorites to conquer the somewhat weak Eastern Conference. Heading into this season The King has career averages of 27.1 points, 0.8 blocks, 1.6 steals, seven assists, and 7.3 rebounds while shooting 50.1 percent from the field, 34.2 percent from beyond the arc, and 74 percent from the charity stripe.

LeBron wants Wade to join him in Cleveland

After the Kyrie Irving questions, a news reporter asked LeBron's thoughts on Dwyane Wade possibly coming to Cleveland. He said that he wants Wade to come to Cleveland because he brings another set of NBA championship DNA to the team. He also added that Wade would add more playmaking opportunities to the existing Cleveland roster.

LeBron says that he will try to talk to Wade these upcoming days but says that the front office of the Cavaliers will still be the one to call the shots and he will only focus on winning a championship with the current roster. With the offseason ending, it seems like things have now settled down since the Carmelo Anthony deal a couple of days ago.