Many players are still looking for a team this offseason as training camps are set to begin in a couple of weeks. Teams are now handing out non-guaranteed deals to invite certain players they like to training camp. Here are a few updates on the NBA scene this offseason:

Josh Richardson sign multi million deal with Miami

Josh Richardson, along with Waiters, Whiteside, and Dragic, put on a show in the second half of the season last year. They surprised almost everyone by how good they were playing after the all-star break. Seeing the potential of their lineup, Pat Riley seems like he wants to keep this team together and just add the missing pieces.

Adrian Wojnarowski of NBA ESPN has reported that Josh Richardson and the Miami Heat have agreed to a four year 42 million dollar deal (with a player option for the fourth year) this offseason. This move will keep intact the young core of Miami Heat for next season as they make another run for a playoff spot next season. With the Eastern considerably weaker this year than last, it seems very likely that the Miami Heat will land a playoff spot.

Josh Richardson entered the NBA in the offseason of 2015; he was selected with the 40th overall pick by the Miami Heat in the 2015 NBA draft. He had a solid rookie year as he was named rookie of the month once in March. Last season he improved considerably in his stats averaging career highs in almost all his stat lines.

He averaged 10.2 points, 0.7 blocks, 1.1 steals, 2.6 assists, and 3.2 rebounds (all career highs) while shooting 39.4 percent from the field, 33 percent from beyond the arc, and 77.9 percent from the charity stripe. Richardson has been excellent so far despite his lack of experience if he can improve on his shooting next season he can be a true force for Miami.

Josh Childress signs camp deal this offseason

This offseason former NBA players that are playing in other leagues (BIG 3) are trying to make a return to the biggest basketball league in the world. Basketball Insiders has reported that Josh Childress has agreed to a non-guaranteed deal this offseason in Denver. Childress will join Denver's training camp and hopefully can make their roster for next season.

Josh Childress made his last NBA appearance in 2013 where he played for the New Orleans Pelicans. He has career averages of 9.1 points (shooting 52.2 percent from the field), 0.5 blocks, 0.9 steals, 1.6 assists, and 4.7 rebounds while 77.9 percent from the charity stripe.