Sports Illustrated and ESPN recently released their NBA rankings, and Dwyane Wade is certainly not happy about it. Some fans seem disappointed by this news as well. According to Clutch Points, the Chicago Bulls shooting guard doesn't think these rankings will affect his concentration and performance this upcoming season. Nevertheless, looking through his Twitter posts, anybody can see why he is so upset with the rankings.

DWade's NBA ranking Twitter posts

Indeed, the NBA rankings will not guarantee players a championship, a spot in the Hall of Fame, or their jerseys being retired, but it sure does give them the motivation to achieve those things.

Dwyane Wade is listed at the 74th spot on Sports Illustrated's NBA rankings, while ESPN failed to include him in its Top 100.

He ended his NBA rankings comments with a Twitter image captioned with "My belief is stronger than your doubt!!!"

Dwyane Wade, however, is concentrating on pumping up for the upcoming NBA season. On two different occasions, he was seen working out with LeBron James and Paul George in Los Angeles. While it seems routine for Wade to be working out with several other NBA players, his recent meeting with LeBron sparked rumors that they are solidifying their plans to join the Lakers next season.

Meanwhile, Dwyane Wade's contract with the Chicago Bulls recently made it to the headlines when it was reported that Wade is asking for a buyout during which he is expected to join Lebron James in Cleveland. The report was never confirmed, and the Chicago Bulls have since denied talking about the buyout where Wade's contract is concerned.

Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, and the LA Lakers

Wade and James met again on Thursday for another pre-season workout. The two bonded as shown on LeBron James's Instagram story. The Cavaliers Nation reported that Wade's status with the Chicago Bulls has shown no "movement," meaning he might stay with the team for another season. His contract with the Chicago Bulls is locked in at $47.5 million for two years with a player option on the second year of the contract.

After 13 seasons with the Miami Heat, Wade said, "I look back with pride and amazement at all we have accomplished together. This was not an easy decision, but I feel I have made the right choice for myself and my family."

Heat owner Micky Arison and president Pat Riley also expressed their appreciation of his contributions to the team.