One of the biggest moments in the NBA history was LeBron James' decision to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Miami Heat in 2010. This happened during "The Decision," the television special watched by over 10 million people. When James announced he would sign with the Heat, it became one of the most controversial moments of all time, and it had a big impact on the rest of the league.

Although LeBron James and the Miami Heat were not the first super team in the NBA, LeBron's free-agency decision affected many other players. Even in 2010, the small forward was the best player in the league, so his decision meant a lot.

Furthermore, it was broadcasted live, which made it even more controversial.

Draymond Green, who played against LeBron James in the last three NBA Finals series, recently commented about "The Decision." Green said James did something special for other NBA players.

Draymond Green's comments

Even though they are competitors on the court, it seems that Green and James are good friends. They definitely respect each other and they are both all-time great players. It appears that the Golden State Warriors forward also appreciates the decision James made in 2010.

While LeBron was mostly criticized and hated for his decision, Draymond Green offered his point of view on it. "He opened up a new door for guys.

He gave guys a voice, you know? Willing to use that voice, and I’m not even sure at that time he knew what he was doing,” the reigning Defensive Player of the Year said.

Green said that the four-time MVP did something special for other players and he opened new door for them. Because of LeBron James, NBA players can now bring free-agency decisions more easily, which includes leaving their teams and going somewhere else.

Golden State Warriors and 'The Decision'

Golden State Warriors benefited from "The Decision" as well. After losing to LeBron James in the 2016 NBA Finals, the Warriors managed to sign the top free agent, Kevin Durant, who left the Oklahoma City Thunder to join them.

It was hard for Durant to leave the Thunder, and just like James before him, he was hated for his decision.

However, he decided to do what he thought was the best for him and his career. In the first year with the Warriors, Kevin Durant managed to win an NBA championship and he was also named the Finals MVP. He achieved the ultimate goal, and even though a lot of fans still hate him, there is no doubt he made the right choice for himself.