UFC champion Conor McGregor may be on cloud nine right now, but his past has yet to simmer down. After impressively lasting 10 rounds in the boxing ring against Floyd Mayweather Jr., “The Notorious” is now reportedly facing a lawsuit tied up to that dramatic press conference involving Nate Diaz.

Another lawsuit for McGregor

According to the ESPN, William Pegg is suing the Irishman at least $95,000 for injuries he allegedly sustained during the whole bottle-throwing incident of the McGregor-Diaz II press conference. To recall, Diaz took exception to the fact that McGregor was late for the pre-fight presser with both ending up exchanging expletives.

Both hurled objects towards each other, one of which was that water bottle that has already cost McGregor. The Irishman was initially fined $150,000 for the fracas and was ordered to serve 50 hours of community service. This was eventually toned down by the Nevada State Athletic Commission to $25,000 and 25 hours of community work according to the Bleacher Report.

Will it prosper?

There were many things that happened during that McGregor-Diaz presser, so it will be interesting if Pegg’s insinuations will prosper. With the madness that happened at that event, it does seem a bit odd that the guy would come out in the open to sue to seek damages.

Given the benefit of the doubt, it adds a new blemish to the run of the UFC star.

He is coming off a successful fantasy fight that added to his millions. Seeing how more earnings have rained on McGregor, the whole claim may be nothing more than a means to cash-in on the UFC lightweight’s added millions.

What the future holds for McGregor

Brushing that aside, what interests most right now is what the future holds for McGregor.

He is entertaining thoughts of possibly boxing again even if the fans are divided on whether he should.

A return to the Octagon seems to be the plausible route. Ironically, a trilogy with Nate Diaz is seen as the next logical fight for the Irishman though nothing has been set in stone. Seeing that both are at a stalemate, a third and deciding match to settle who is truly the best in the division is the best potential bout the UFC may consider booking.

McGregor’s coach, John Kavanagh, believes that a trilogy against Diaz is the most exciting option according to Irish publication The42.ie. The only problem is that this fight may not take place before 2017 comes to an end.

This is despite UFC president Dana White previously mentioned that McGregor may fight again this December in Las Vegas, according to ESPN. With several months to go, it will be interesting of the UFC can arrange the main event to end 2017 with a bang.