Conor McGregor made a good account of himself against Floyd Mayweather Jr. last Aug. 26. The fact that he was able to last 10 rounds was something, spurring plans for the “Notorious” to fight again.

UFC President Dana White is against it, preferring to see his prized star do the fighting in the Octagon. Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe sees potential though Mayweather begs to differ.

Don’t push your luck

Floyd Mayweather Jr. looks up to Conor McGregor as a star in the UFC circle. But as far as future boxing bouts, the undefeated American fighter believes “The Notorious” may want to stay away from it.

Though McGregor is unlikely to heed his warning, Mayweather provides a couple of decent arguments. One is that he is facing a guy in his 40s and the other is that Floyd is someone who has been out of the boxing ring for almost 800 days based on his interview with Bernard Osuna via

McGregor is active and currently competes in the UFC. Pitted against younger and more seasoned fighters, the Irishman may not be as lucky. In fact, there is a chance he could get hurt – something that Amir Khan pointed out before the celebrated Aug. 26 clash.

Other fighters will be merciless

Tied up to the fact that Mayweather is beyond his prime, the undefeated boxer points out the approach other boxers may give.

Some can use different combinations, faster and stronger.

McGregor pointed out that Mayweather doesn’t throw strong punches. The case may not be the same if the Ufc Champ goes up against other boxers like Canelo Alvarez or even Gennady Golovkin. The gist of it all is that the probability of getting injured or hurt may be more severe.

McGregor likely to brush it off

Despite the warnings given by Mayweather, McGregor is a person unlikely to heed the warning. He is a competitor and pretty much does what he wants.

With the intent to entertain, McGregor returning for another boxing match is highly probable. But for now, he needs to attend to his own yard – that of which is the Octagon.

He does hold titles other UFC fighters want a crack at.

The UFC lightweight division is filled with fighters looking to unseat McGregor. But it looks like a third fight involving Nate Diaz is standing out. Nothing has been set as of this writing though the Notorious is looking to have one more match before the year comes to a close.

With McGregor earning big bucks from the Mayweather joust, clinging on to the title may be his next mission. Boxing in the future is a possibility – hinting that McGregor may be looking for yet another big payday.