The Cleveland Cavaliers shared the good news about isaiah thomas' hip injury revealing the possibility of being able to play before January. According to the, coach Tyrone Lue shared the good news saying Thomas has made a significant improvement in just three weeks of rehabilitation in Cleveland. Additionally, the coaching staff were impressed by his development and are now confident he will make it to the lineup before the year ends.

Thomas is also confident about his development saying, "Physically I’m in a good place. I’m making progress every day.

These last three weeks, I’ve been able to be with this training staff six days a week and focused on getting my strength back in that muscle.” His statement defied concerns that his injury will prevent him from playing this season for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Cleveland Cavaliers' timeline on hip injury

With the Cavs giving a timeline on Isaiah Thomas' injury, it's apparent that the player, the team, and the coaching staff are heading in the same direction when it comes to his physical improvement. When asked whether he will be able to play before Christmas, Thomas answered, "That's the plan."

Meanwhile, Lue confirmed that Derrick Rose would play the starting point guard this season while Isaiah Thomas is undergoing rehabilitation.

Apparently, the Cleveland Cavaliers have a much effective process than Celtics 3-month rest advice. According to the ESPN, Cavs systematic approach to his development includes nutritional plan; something that helped the former Celtics player improve in just three weeks.

History of Isaiah Thomas' injury

Like the Celtics' decision, the Cavs also think that Thomas doesn't need any surgery to fix the hip injury but is advised to be more patient in handling the situation.

Isaiah Thomas took a rest after he suffered a torn right labrum that intensified during last season's playoffs. The Boston Celtics traded Isaiah Thomas for Kyrie Irving with GM Danny Ainge admitting his hip injury played a role in the decision.

Isaiah Thomas is joined by fellow teammates Ante Zizic and Jae Crowder while the Cleveland Cavaliers also acquired Derrick Rose in their roster.

In July, Kyrie Irving approached Cavs owner Dan Gilbert and expressed his desire to be traded. Among the teams, Irving choice includes the Miami Heat, Minnesota Timberwolves, and the New York Knicks. He was eventually traded to the Celtics with an additional second-round pick via the Miami Heat.