When the Cleveland Cavaliers traded Kyrie Irving to the Boston Celtics for isaiah thomas, it looked like both teams were getting a good deal. For the Cavs. They were losing their best young player in Kyrie but were bringing in an All-Star in Thomas who just had the best season of his career. However, after the trade was announced, the Cavs learned that Thomas’ hip injury was worse than they had expected. Some believed he would not return until close to the end of the 2017-18 NBA season.

However, Joe Vardon of Cleveland.com reported that the Cleveland Cavaliers just got some great news concerning Isaiah Thomas and his injury.

Thomas might be back on the court as soon as January.

The excitement over Thomas has cooled

The Cleveland Cavaliers seemed to be getting a great deal in the trade for Kyrie Irving. With players like Paul George and Carmelo Anthony traded for role players at best, getting an All-Pro like Isaiah Thomas was huge for the Cavs. Thomas averaged 28.9 points-per-game last season, which was third highest in the NBA. However, Thomas fell to injury in the playoffs and missed the final three games of the Eastern Conference Finals, allowing Cleveland to knock off the Boston Celtics.

There were also rumors circulating that LeBron James was cooling on the excitement of Isaiah Thomas joining the Cleveland Cavaliers.

That is not a good thing since LeBron is who really runs the entire franchise. If James feels hat Isaiah is injury prone or not worth the effort, there is a chance that Thomas could find himself in the same state that Kyrie was, or even worse, as an afterthought in the LeBron show.

The good news about Isaiah

According to the new reports, Isaiah Thomas should be back on the court by January and could possibly even return in December if things go right.

According to Cleveland Cavaliers spokespersons, Thomas has made “real progress” after just three weeks in his rehabilitation program. When the Cavs first introduced Thomas as a new member of their organization, they had no timetable for his return.

The injuries were not disclosed but one that was known was a torn labrum. Isaiah Thomas was also out until December last season following knee surgery and he returned and put up those MVP-caliber numbers.

LeBron James has never cared about the regular season, so the Cleveland Cavaliers could be getting Thomas back just in time to push into the playoffs. It will now come sooner than that, as reports indicate he could return in time to play the Golden State Warriors on Christmas Day.