isaiah thomas is gearing up for his eighth season in the league, and this being his most anticipated from both the fans and the media, but also from him himself. The trade which sent the all star point guard and a few other key pieces from the Boston Celtics to the Cleveland Cavaliers in exchange for Kyrie Irving created huge controversy and drama in the NBA during this years offseason. But for Isaiah, he has gained a new mindset after feeling disrespected by the Celtics organisation, and his excitement with playing with the best player in the world is combining to make the 5'9" anxious for the season to start.

So with this being said, the 28 year old superstar point guard is ready to prove the doubters wrong once again, and have a spectacular season in a Cleveland Cavaliers uniform this season.

Guaranteeing a ring?

It seems that the Cleveland Cavaliers point guard has already guaranteed a championship ring for his team this season. Although his hip injury will likely hold him out for the first couple of months of the NBA season, he is still confident once he returns to the court the Cavs will be in good shape to walk forward and win a title.

He showed this confidence in an Instagram comment on a post by Philadelphia 76ers forward, Amir Johnson (@iamamirjohnson). @IsaiahThomas had a little bit of fun banter with Johnson about 'The Process' and Amir joked to IT that "The process will be done before you win a ring", in which Isaiah responded "We winning ring this year lol", but it was all love and no hatred as Amir ended the back and forth verbal battle with "all love big bro LOL".

Isaiah Thomas also expressed his desire to win a championship in his first season with the Cavaliers when replying to a fan on Twitter. The fan made fun of Thomas for appearing in TV stints after joining Cleveland, and assuming that he has become a Cavalier just for television purposes. But Isaiah ran along with the surely sarcastic joke and had the perfect, witty response about why he 'went to CLE'.

We all know Isaiah was randomly traded to Cleveland, in which he had no control over, so it's wrong to accuse him of choosing to go to Cleveland. But he sure is having fun with any delusional fans who think so.

Isaiah previews the season

Isaiah Thomas has been very active on his Twitter account in recent weeks after being traded to the 2016 NBA Champions, and he seems to be very excited for the new step in his career.

Each year in the league, Isaiah has grown stronger and better and he is coming off his best season in the league averaging a league third best 28.9 points per game to go along with 5.9 assists, and almost one steal per game. Isaiah preview this upcoming season with a short and simple tweet.

To play alongside LeBron James, Thomas might be on his way to the best season of his career, highly due to the veteran leadership of King James and some others on the team. So Thomas may certainly have a point stating that this season will be 'special', and it will have the fans and media excited.