Andrew Bogut last played for the Cleveland Cavaliers, but his tenure with the Eastern Conference champions was cut short. The Australian big man spent only 47 seconds on the floor for the Cavaliers as he suffered a season-ending injury against the Miami Heat. Bogut entered the game in last first quarter and he was forced to leave it just a few possessions after, in the early second period.

Bogut was supposed to help the Cavaliers with his rebounding and inside presence, but there was nothing Cleveland could do about his injury. A few months later, they ended up losing in the NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors, and there is no doubt that Bogut could have been a difference maker.

Because of his impact, the Cleveland Cavaliers might bring him back. According to recent reports, there are four teams interested in Bogut's services, and there's a good chance that Cleveland signs him again.

Andrew Bogut's return to Cleveland

Bogut was the first overall pick in 2005 NBA draft and the Milwaukee Bucks picked him first for a reason. He's a great inside player who can play solid defense and clean glass. The 7-footer has averaged 8.9 rebounds and 1.6 blocks so far in his career, and he's also scored 10.0 points per game on 53.4 percent shooting.

Cleveland Cavaliers know that Andrew Bogut is valuable and that is why they may give him another chance. Even though they have great big men in Tristan Thompson and Kevin Love, there is no doubt that Bogut could be a great backup.

If he could stay healthy and give Cleveland 15 to 20 minutes per game, he would be a great addition to the roster.

Considering that Cleveland had some big changes this offseason, they could definitely use more help to beat the Warriors. Either way, winning another championship won't be easy, but it would definitely be easier with Bogut on the team.

Injury is not a concern

Earlier this summer, Andrew Bogut said his rehab was going well. He said he feels the injury won't hurt him long-term and he was generally optimistic when talking about his recovery.

He also pointed out how a lot of teams in today's NBA have rebounding issues, implying that he could help in those situations.

“If you look at a lot of the teams with stretch fives, a lot of them have rebounding issues generally,” said Bogut. He also commented how he does a lot of things that go unnoticed, which is very true considering his playing style. There is no doubt that the big man is valuable and willing to work hard, which is why he will most likely return to the NB soon.