isaiah thomas had an introductory press conference in Cleveland as he is now officially a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavaliers basically swapped Kyrie Irving for Thomas, and they received a few more valuable pieces in return, including Jae Crowder, a defensive specialist.

Thomas did not expect to be traded this offseason. Boston Celtics thought it would be a good move, and it most likely was, but it simply showed us once again that teams aren't loyal to players. It was tough for Thomas to say goodbye to Boston, the city where he became an NBA superstar.

It was tough to leave the team he gave all he could to.

However, it is now time for a new chapter in Isaiah Thomas' career. In this chapter, he may become an NBA champion as he will be playing alongside LeBron James, who is the greatest player in the world according to Thomas.

LeBron, the greatest player in the world

Despite everything that happened this offseason, Isaiah Thomas is ready to move on and he is excited to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers. There is no doubt that the point guard is excited to be on the team that reached the NBA Finals three times in a row. Thomas will be playing for the reigning Eastern Conference champions, and he might become even better considering he will be sharing the floor with LeBron James.

Thomas respects James' game and he can't wait to play with him. “I’m excited to play with the best player in the world,” said Thomas during the introductory press conference, referring to LeBron. “Being put in this situation on this court is everything. To be put on the floor with guys like Kevin Love and a coach like Tyronn Lue, it’s a match made in heaven.

Like I said, I’m excited.”

Even though LeBron James and his Cavaliers lost the NBA Finals last year, he is still considered the best player in the league, both by other NBA players and fans.

James' effect on Isaiah Thomas

Isaiah Thomas was the third-best scorer in the NBA last season, and he was deadly from any spot on the floor.

Despite being only 5-foot-9, the point guard is capable of finishing inside, scoring from mid range or knocking down three-point shots.

Considering he will be LeBron James' teammate, we can expect his efficiency to skyrocket. James is one of the best ball distributors in the entire league, and his court vision and high basketball IQ will have a positive impact on Isaiah Thomas. While he was the first option in Boston, Thomas will be able to play off-ball basketball in Cleveland, and there is no doubt that James will create wide-open scoring opportunities for him.