Things are looking bad for the Cleveland Cavaliers are they are down 0-2 in the NBA Finals. While LeBron James has played incredibly well this postseason, he hasn't had much help, especially from bench players. The Cavaliers are facing off against the Golden State Warriors, who are one of the toughest teams in NBA history, and they might need to get another big-name player to help them win another title.

One of the players who could help the Cavaliers win it all is Paul George. While George won't be a free agent this summer, many people predict that he will get traded.

The small forward has a player option for 2018/19 season and he will most likely opt out of his contract then. Therefore, the Indiana Pacers will look to trade him before his contract is over, and they'll be able to get some valuable pieces for him.

Cleveland Cavaliers could trade for Paul George

Paul George will be paid $19.3 million next season and the Cleveland Cavaliers would need to match his salary in order to trade for him. The closest salary on the Cavaliers' roster would be Kyrie Irving's as he is set to receive $18.9 million next year. However, it is very unlikely that Cleveland would trade their young superstar guard, so if someone has to go, it would probably be Kevin Love.

Love's salary is the second-highest on the Cavaliers and he will receive $22.6 million in 2018.

By making this trade, the Indiana Pacers would receive a great rebounder and a versatile scorer in Kevin Love. One the other side, Paul George would finally be on a championship contender and there's a big chance he'd like to stay in Cleveland and sign another contract with the team.

Kevin Love has three more years left on his contract and he'd be an excellent first option for the Pacers.

When he was the first option in Minnesota, Love was one of the best players in the NBA. Considering that he is 28, there is no doubt that he could still be very successful and he might lead the Pacers to a successful playoff run.

How realistic would this trade be?

If the Cleveland Cavaliers lose this year's NBA Finals, there is no doubt they will want to shake up their roster.

Trading superstars might be just what they need, as Paul George is versatile and he could coexist with LeBron James.

On the other side, if the Cavaliers bounce back and win the series, they will most likely not make any moves to their roster. As winners of two straight NBA championships, there probably wouldn't be many holes they'd have to fill on the roster. A lot of things will depend on the 2017 NBA Finals, and if things go south for the Cavaliers, there is a big chance we'll see them trade for Paul George.