The NBA has evolved over the years, from a bruising play style in the 90s to the fast-paced game many of us are watching today. We are also in a time where we see star players joining forces in an effort to capture that elusive Larry O'Brien trophy. Many teams don't survive without at least two certified stars on their team for them to be in contention for a championship. There are many dominant duos in the NBA, but which one is the best of the best? Look no further, as I take you through the top five best duos in the NBA.

5. Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan

This might come as a surprise to many, but Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan are more of a powerful duo than many think. Kyle Lowry's ability to shoot the three-ball at a good clip and capacity to set up his teammates cutting to the bucket fit DeMar DeRozan's play style perfectly. DeRozan is a slasher who thrives on getting to the basket for easy buckets either from the free throw line or making layups. Lowry isn't seen as a superstar point guard by many, but he can catch fire in an instant. DeRozan has more of a methodical play style, wearing his opponents down with his quickness and strength. Lowry and DeRozan deserve to get their credit.

4. Damian Lillard and C.J McCollum

The two guards in Portland come in at the fourth spot in our best duos. Their ability to score at will is what makes this team so dangerous. Lillard is the driver out of the two, making quick moves to the bucket and getting any shot he wants. McCollum is a mid-range threat who can extend his shooting to the three-point line if the situation calls for it.

Both players excel at creating shots for themselves, which is needed because of their lack of scoring around them. The goal of the game is put the bucket through the basket, and these guys do this early and often.

3. DeMarcus Cousins and Anthony Davis

It's such a shame that the Pelicans had two of the league's best big men, but failed to make the playoffs last year.

It could be attributed to chemistry, but this duo still is an impactful pair of guys. Both big men are able to handle the ball well enough to bring it up the floor, allowing the other to get into post position down low. Their ability to run the high pick and roll as big men make them a scary alley-oop combination as well. Not to mention if the defense collapses on one, the other can flare out to the three-point and make a three-point shot. Having two big men ball-handlers is a scary sight, so teams should begin to fear this team when they get chemistry.

2. Chris Paul and James Harden

Many will question the position these Rocket guards have on the list because we haven't seen them in real game action yet (pickup games don't count my friends).

But the potential this pair has far exceeds the pairs before them on this list. Paul is the prototypical point guard, making sure he involves his teammates before he gets his own buckets. Harden played the point last year but will feel more at home being able to shoot at will now that Paul can handle the assist duties. What makes them scarier is they at any point they can switch roles and dominate teams as well. This is the ultimate nightmare as teams have two potential ball handlers that can score at will. They can't stop both of them so pick your poison.

1. Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant

The top duo in the NBA is Steph Curry and Kevin Durant. What makes this duo the best in the league is their offensive versatility.

Both men have dead-eyes from deep, both can take contact and finish in the lane, and both can ball-handle and set up their teammates. Both players are the complete package on offense, making them almost impossible to stop. They both compliment each other and help each other play efficient basketball. Their firepower on offense is overwhelming, which is why they are the best duo in the NBA.