What's the latest on DeMarcus Cousins?

DeMarcus Cousins has always been a prime topic as far as NBA trade rumors are concerned. There has been talk in recent years about Boogie being unhappy playing in Sacramento and wanting a change of scenery. More than that, however, as arguably the most dominant and skilled big man in the game today, Boogie has spent his entire year (and career) playing for a losing franchise -- a franchise to which he has already given some of his best years.

While DeMarcus Cousins isn't old by any stretch, he also isn't getting any younger.

Thus, if he wants to make the right career moves and find himself in a situation where he has a chance to seriously compete for a championship, now would be the prime time to do it. While Sacramento has been adamant about not trading their franchise star recently, according to CBS Sports, there are possibilities on the table with the NBA trade deadline fast approaching.

DeMarcus cousins to the New Orleans Pelicans?

On paper, any pairing that would include both DeMarcus Cousins and Anthony Davis is a team that could seriously compete with some of the best in the league, regardless of conference. At the time of this writing, talks between the Sacramento Kings and new orleans Pelicans are still in the very early stages, and, even though the clock is certainly ticking, if a deal is to be reached, both franchises still have a few days to get something done if they hope to have something inked prior to the February 23rd NBA trade deadline.

Prior to this latest news, it was believed that DeMarcus Cousins would go ahead and sign a $200M extension to stay in Sacramento, but, perhaps there is something else in the works that has the potential to shake up the entire Western Conference. Both Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins are franchise players that have had the misfortune of being stuck on bad teams.

The general game plan in the NBA is to find 1-2 franchise players and build a team around them. For both the Kings and the Pelicans, this has not happened for either.

More details will most likely come to light in the coming days, however, this is an interesting scenario to ponder. While the West is largely still dominated by the Golden State Warriors, pairing Cousins with Davis could put the right pieces in place for future success.