The Yankees and Tigers are rehashing an old beef from their last series. They stood in Detroit today on the verge of a war, and they saw three brawls, eight ejections, and ejections that included everyone who could possibly be ejected. There are many reasons why this has become a problem, and the problems will continue until baseball officials take better control of the games they officiate. Someone who wants to see the game played in a more gentlemanly manner should ask Major League Baseball to do something.

The ejections were warranted

Every ejection that happened in the game was more than warranted, but certain ejections should have been preceded by warnings.

The officials in the game were not taking control of the game by offering warnings to players, and they refused to do so throughout the game in a way that allowed the players license to continue to throw at one another. The Tigers and the Yankees took their frustrations out on each other, and that resulted in a game that spiraled out of control until it ended.

Both teams were unhappy

The Tigers and the Yankees were using the unwritten rules of baseball to harbor ill-will toward one another. It is one thing to be upset with another player, and it is another to throw baseballs at other players. We do not know if a player was hit in the head with a 98 mph fastball or not, but we know that it should never have gotten that far.

It is time to change

Baseball needs to get away from inflicting injuries as payback, and there are many people who will find that the game has been passed by by modern culture. We do not duel in the streets anymore because that has been deemed illegal. Abusive relationships are categorically illegal, and child abuse has a much broader stroke than it once did.

All these things have occurred because we as a society have progressed. No one should ever abuse their child or spouse, and no one should settle their disagreements in the streets. However, we allow baseball players to abuse one another in games because it is "part of the game."

The game of baseball has many people calling for a change given the incredible events that have occurred between the Tigers and the Yankees.

These two teams should have been stopped from trying to hurt each other during the course of the game, and only one pitcher should have been ejected because that would have stopped the others from going on with their silly vendetta that could cost the Yankees a playoff bid.