Two of the biggest superstars in the WWE collide on Sunday night at the "SummerSlam 2017" pay-per-view. Big Show, also known as "The World's Largest Athlete," goes toe-to-toe with another seven-footer in Big Cass. The latter of these two superstars is looking to take over Show's place on the roster moving forward. Meanwhile, Cass' former tag-team partner Enzo Amore will be watching the match from a special vantage point. Here's the latest WWE "SummerSlam" match preview and prediction based on the odds.

Match preview

For a few months now, fans have watched as the Big Cass and Enzo Amore tag team eventually ended.

Cass made several backstage attacks on Enzo, leaving him laid out with nobody seeming to know who was responsible. He even made it look like he'd been attacked backstage at one point too, in order to throw suspicion towards others. Once Corey Graves and "Raw" GM Kurt Angle revealed the true perpetrator, Cass admitted to it and attacked Enzo again. He continued to do so over several weeks, but Enzo found a new friend in Big Show.

The Big Show and Big Cass have had several run-ins over the past few weeks on WWE's "Raw" program. Just this past week saw Show get help from Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. The tag team helped beat down Show and then allowed Cass to slam Big Show's hand inside a shark cage.

That's the very contraption that Enzo Amore will watch Sunday's match from inside as he hangs up above the ring unable to interfere.

WWE rumors have been swirling that there may be another heel turn on the way and that it could be Enzo turning heel and rejoining Cass. This match should provide the answers to that for at least a night, or it could merely be a way to allow Cass to show he is the most destructive seven-footer right now between himself and Show.

Prediction from the odds

Of the two superstars, it seems that Big Cass needs more of a push at this point than the legendary Big Show. It's been reported for months now that Show plans to call it quits in 2018 and that may be after the "Royal Rumble" PPV. For now, he may be focused on helping younger talents move forward, including Big Cass.

Current WWE betting odds at the Paddy Power sports book has Big Cass as a 4 to 9 favorite to win, while Big Show is a 6 to 4 underdog. One has to wonder that if Cass wins, if it will involve Enzo Amore in some way, or if it's more so he can take out aggression on Enzo's new pal in the ring as Enzo is forced to watch it happen.

WWE fans, who do you believe will win the match involving Big Show vs. Big Cass on Sunday?