Tyrod Taylor is the starting quarterback of the Buffalo Bills, but he is playing for a team that just traded away his best weapon. Sammy Watkins was not given his fifth-year option, and he was shipped to the Rams out from under Taylor. The tenuous starter of the Bills cannot have a good season, and he has been put in a position where he cannot capitalize on his leverage as a serviceable starter. You may take a passing interest in Taylor, but the loss of Sammy Watkins is a death knell for his tenure in Buffalo.

Taylor is not cemented in place

Tyrod Taylor is a gifted football player from Virginia Tech, and he has done a lot with very little in Buffalo.

However, the Bills moved heaven and earth to get Sammy Watkins, under-utilized him, and traded him to L.A. Taylor has no one of consequence to throw the ball to, and he cannot create a good resume without weapons. This will cause problems for him going forward because the philosophy in Buffalo does not favor him.

They want to fix past mistakes

The Bills appear to be fixing the mistakes of the past. They fired their GM days after the draft, and they are treating the team like a rebuild. They have a young quarterback who cannot afford a rebuild when his contract leaves him open to being waived at the drop of the hat. The result of a rebuilding year could be Taylor's exit from Buffalo.

It takes only one good prospect

The Bills could fall in love with a new prospect at any time, and they could leave Taylor out to dry simply because they want to start over. New regimes tend to bring in their own people, and they will draft their own prospects. Starting over with a new quarterback will be refreshing for Sean McDermott, but it will leave Tyrod Taylor without a job.

There are no teams vying for his services, and it does not help the Bills to trade him.

He has to have a career year

Tyrod has only one way to keep his job in Buffalo for the years to come. He must have the best year of his career, and he must prove to the Bills that drafting another quarterback for development will set them back further than they want to go.

The Bills have not been to the playoffs in ages, and they cannot string along their fans forever. Keeping Taylor will provide stability, but he must play in a way that convinces them to keep him.

He is a sad case

Tyrod has all the physical gifts to be a great NFL quarterback, but he is in a bad situation in Buffalo. He must be given more weapons, more time, or a staff that believes in him. This writer would prefer all three, and the Bills may well return to prominence.