When it comes to the prospects of a great season for the Nebraska football team, Tanner Lee is at the center of all questions. The transfer quarterback out of Tulane won the starting job outright this spring. He's said to have a great arm and some great touch. It appears the Husker coaches and fans aren't the only ones that believe Lee might be the real deal.

Former NFL executive Phil Savage weighed in on the starting quarterback on Twitter Friday morning.

Savage called Lee a "top NFL prospect" for either 2018 or 2019. It stands to reason the only reason he's not certain on the year is because it's not clear whether Lee will play both his Junior or Senior years or go pro after one year.

The good news for Tanner Lee

Lee has, for the most part, been at the center of flowery language since he came to Nebraska. The Husker coaching staff have been excited they were able to land the Tulane transfer. They were even more excited about the fact that he won another year of eligibility from the NCAA once he arrived.

The quarterback was considered a talented passer when he played for Tulane, but he was weighed down by a lack of talent with the Green Wave. Highlight reels have shown Tanner Lee can make all the throws and he has pinpoint touch.

If the Cornhuskers can find a way to develop the receivers around him, it appears the passer might be the first early round draftee at the quarterback position the school has had in decades.

Questions still surround Tanner Lee in 2017

The other reason Savage might not be sold on Lee being a top prospect next spring is because he'll need a year to grow into the position.

Tanner has started at quarterback before, but his numbers were not all that stellar. It stands to reason he's managed to grow in the year where he watched college football from the sidelines as a redshirt.

There is also the question whether the Nebraska football team can indeed get his receivers up to snuff. There is plenty of talent there, even with several of them being banged up.

Whether or not the young receivers will be able to step up and help Lee out this season is still very much up in the air.

Decision making and the difficult opponents the Huskers will face off against this season are also going to be playing a part. Even with all the questions, Phil Savage, who has run an NFL team before, talking about Tanner Lee's prospects in the NFL can only be good news for those who are looking forward to seeing what he can do.