The Nebraska Football team had managed to get through the first weeks of fall camp without a major injury, but the Huskers luck ran out on Thursday morning. Freshman wide receiver Jaevon McQuitty suffered an apparent knee injury during some blocking drills. The injury, while not having been officially announced appears to have torn a ligament as head coach Mike Riley has said he will be out for the season.

The shock of such a major injury is still reverberating through the Cornhusker family as the wide receiver was at least being looked at as one who might step up, avoid a redshirt and make a real contribution to the offense this season.

Along with his injuries, Riley said there were a couple of other Huskers who were banged up but no one was hurt as seriously as McQuitty.

Nebraska football takes depth hit

While McQuitty had not been getting the same kind of mentions that a Tyjon Lindsey had been getting since camp broke, it's a safe bet that the injury is going to hurt the depth of the Huskers. With the number of veteran receivers who graduated after the 2016 season, there might not be a position that is more up for grabs than wide receiver.

Other Nebraska football players banged up

The problem with McQuitty going down was underlined by a couple of other injuries that popped up on Thursday.

Wide receivers JD Spielman and Keyan Williams also came up lame with pulled muscles. At the moment, Spielman is expected to be day to day while Williams is apparently going to be sitting out for a couple of weeks.

That means that the wide receiver position is even more up for grabs than usual with at least three players who were looking to compete for the position suddenly hobbled.

The injuries at the wide receiver position, paired with the loss of Keyshawn Johnson Junior before the season began are especially bad considering the team is breaking in a new quarterback.

It can't help Tanner Lee to be having to work with what is now a pared down group of wide receivers. The good news, if there is any good news when talking about a Nebraska football player going down for the season, is that the potential go-to players are still healthy and playing.

Stanley Morgan, and Lindsey have managed to stay on the field. There is also Pierson-El who is looking to make a return as a top notch wide receiving threat, as well as the team's best punt returner.

Still, one more big injury at the wide receiver position and the Nebraska football team will officially be worrying about depth.