According to Real Madrid “right back”, Dani Carvajal, the five-match ban given to Christiano Ronaldo by the RFEF (Royal Spanish Football Federation) is excessive. Christiano Ronaldo was banned from playing five matches as a result of the second yellow card he received during his team’s most recent Spanish Super Cup match against Barcelona.

After Christiano Ronaldo scored an exceptional goal (the second of Real Madrid’s 3 goals) in the 3-1 win over Barcelona at Camp Nou stadium, he was handed his first yellow card for pulling off his shirt. Later on, Ronaldo was handed a second yellow card along with an automatic red card after referee Ricardo De Burgos felt that Ronaldo dived in an attempt to deceptively win a penalty.

Ronaldo reacted angrily and pushed the referee from behind, thus earning himself a larger ban from playing in Real Madrid’s next five matches.

Carvajal’s comments relating to the hefty ban given to Ronaldo

Real Madrid will not have their sharpshooter, Ronaldo, in 5 consecutive matches after he was heavily penalized for committing three major offenses: one for removing his shirt, a second one for diving, and a third one for pushing the referee. The goal-scoring machine (and greatest scorer of all time for Real Madrid) attracted a greater sanction because he pushed the match referee. Although the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) can exercise their right to hand over a maximum of 12 suspensions as a result of the offense committed by Ronaldo, Dani Carvajal believes that any appeal made by Real Madrid can lead to a reduction of the number of bans.

Carvajal informed a group of reporters at a news conference that he feels the number of suspensions handed to Ronaldo is excessive and not in proportion to the offenses he was said to have committed. Furthermore, he stated that he doesn’t want to make negative comments about the referee’s action, although he conceded that it was difficult for Ronaldo to cope with the way he was sent off the pitch.

Irrespective of these complaints, he is hopeful that the ban will be reduced.

Carvajal acknowledges that anybody can make a mistake during matches

Dani Carvajal also stated that the referee should have penalized Luis Suarez for the dive he made over Keylor Navas in order to win a penalty, which was given and converted into a goal by Lionel Messi.

He further stated that everybody was free to make their judgments as to whether Suarez pretended to fall or not, and that it is obvious that bans like the one handed to Ronaldo can determine the team that will win a title like the Spanish Super Cup. However, with the second leg of the tie coming up at Real Madrid’s stadium, he feels that everybody is prone to committing errors during football matches and that referees have been trying to do their best.