Prior to his appointment as head coach of Real Madrid, Zinedine Zidane was Carlo Ancelotti’s assistant when Real Madrid won the Champions League in 2014. Approximately one year after winning “La Decima,” he coached Castilla (Real Madrid B side) in 2015. During this time, Rafa Benitez was coaching the first team and results were not up to the standards expected by the club’s leaders and fans. A few days after the new year of 2016, Benitez was sacked and Zidane was appointed as head coach midway through the season: several months later he used his brilliance to steer Real Madrid to the Champions League title by beating Atletico Madrid on penalties.

Although Real Madrid didn’t win the Spanish league during the 2015/16 season, it halted Barcelona’s thirty-nine game unbeaten run and ended the season in second place – only one point behind eventual league winner – Barcelona.

Zidane’s trophy haul during his tenure as head coach

Zidane’s tenure as head coach has radiated a lot of brilliance. Since his appointment in January 2016, he has guided Real Madrid to seven titles, i.e. five international titles and two and two Spanish titles. The international titles include two UEFA Champions League titles, two UEFA Super Cup titles, and one FIFA Club World Cup title; while the Spanish titles include one La Liga title and one Spanish Super Cup title.

Although Real Madrid didn’t win the Copa Del Rey during the course of acquiring these titles, Zidane made history with Madrid by winning the UEFA Champions League two years in a row. Also, Madrid recently won the Spanish Super Cup after completely dominating Barcelona over two legs. These trophies, along with Real Madrid’s attractive style of play, have made many people believe that this side is one of the best in their history.

One can easily attribute the successful acquisition of trophies to the combined brilliance of the players, and man-management tactics of the coach.

Zidane’s philosophy as expressed in Real Madrid’s dominant style of play

Apart from ensuring their successful trophy haul, Zidane has been dictating Madrid’s style of play in a way that has dominated opponents all over the football pitch.

The brilliance of Zidane’s system, coupled with his relaxed approach, has brought the best out of Casemiro, Isco and Asensio. He has made it known before most matches that he is looking for the best style and wants his team to have more possession against opponents, including Barcelona.

Zidane’s genius has lifted Real Madrid to a certain level above Barcelona. Considering the edge it has over most teams, Madrid has been tipped to win the Club World Cup along with the La Liga league title and a third consecutive UEFA Champions League trophy. With Zidane still in charge as head coach, it’s understandable why Madrid are expected to win the trophies available for grabs this season. If Madrid’s ascendancy continues, then Zidane and his team will be remembered as a brilliant group.