Tennis is a highly competitive sport, and one thing that players may do to increase their edge on court is doping. Maria Sharapova is one of many sportspersons who have been accused of doping, and earlier this year she returned to the sport after her fifteen-month ban. Now, she has received a wildcard into the US Open, and not everyone is happy about it.

Sharapova was accused of using the newly banned drug, meldonium, which is a Latvian-made heart drug that helps the body produce energy more efficiently. Sharapova claimed that she used the drugs for medical purposes and that she had been prescribed the drug.

Maria was ultimately banned for fifteen months after her two-year suspension was reduced. When she returned to the sport she was welcomed with open arms, something that just didn't sit right with the rest of the tennis players on tour.

How will Maria do at this year's final Grand Slam tournament?

The former Russian world number one was not given a wildcard to the French Open, and was therefore unable to play the tournament. The French Tennis Federation said it was in an effort to uphold and protect the 'high standards of the game'.

While the French Tennis Federation was a little more strict about their wildcard distribution, it seems like the US Open does not care about the fact that Maria Sharapova was suspended for using an illegal drug, which helps to enhance tennis performance.

Even though Maria claims she had no knowledge of the drug being banned, her defense that she failed to read an email about it was considered an inadequate excuse.

Although Maria Sharapova has received entry into the main draw of the US Open, she has not been performing very well in tournaments and will most likely not make it very far in the draw, especially as most of the women's tour is waiting to get a chance to defeat her after they realized she had been using a performance enhancing drug for years.

Even though meldonium was not banned at that time, it does not change the fact that the drug enhances performance.

Sharapova to speak to young tennis players about importance of anti-doping

According to ABCNet AU, Maria Sharapova will be talking to young and aspiring tennis players at the USTA National Campus about the importance of the anti-doping program some time around the US Open.

She has volunteered for this, and the USTA has said that she would like to stress the 'personal responsibility each player has to comply with the program's requirements'.

Well, the wildcard has been given and all we can do is wait and see what Sharapova decides to do with it.