Great soccer players are made for glorious games. The El Clasico is probably the greatest game in world football. Thus, Lionel Messi has proven how great a football player he is yesterday. Lately, there were those who doubted his value, but yesterday, he put an end to all of that with his performance.

The Argentine, who had not scored against Real Madrid for four years, scored two goals yesterday in Madrid at Santiago Bernabeu, leading Barcelona to an away triumph (2-3) at the El Clasico. His second goal on stoppage time will be remembered for a very long time.

FC Barcelona’s hopes reignited

Lionel Messi’s goal in stoppage time has reignited Fc Barcelona’s hopes to win La Liga. It was a goal that has the potential to change history. With this great victory, FC Barcelona has caught up with Real Madrid on La Liga table. However, Real Madrid still has an advantage as it has one game in hand.

So, now FC Barcelona has six more games to play, and Real Madrid has seven. However, it seems that FC Barcelona's remaining games are “easier” than those of Real Madrid. Furthermore, it should not be neglected that Real Madrid still has to play twice against Athletico Madrid in the semi-finals of the Champions League. This may put more pressure on the players of Real who may lose points in La Liga.

The Spanish Championship has just become very exciting for all soccer fans.

The game

The Derby was fantastic, with many goals and missed opportunities from both sides, which made spectators watch it with excitement and interest until the last minute. It had everything, technique, strength, changing emotions, five goals and a red card.

Real Madrid started better and managed to score first with Kashmir (28). However, FC Barcelona responded very fast with a beautiful goal of Lionel Messi (33).

After a series of missed opportunities for both teams whose goalkeepers, had blocked virtually everything, on 73 the ball came to Rakitic who sent it at the back of the net ( 1-2).

The home team tried to score, but Ramos' red card (78) dramatically changed the game. With only 12 minutes left in the match, it was tough for Real Madrid to respond.

However, even with ten players, Real managed to do it! They equalized with Rodriguez (85) and made everybody believe that the match would end in a draw, Messi's goal on stoppage time (90 + 2) gave the lead to FC Barcelona once again. This time it was for good.