The Buffalo Bills were looking to end their playoff drought this season. Then, in a series of trades, general manager Brandon Beane acquired additional second and third round draft picks, giving Buffalo two picks in each of the first three rounds. To obtain those picks, the Bills parted ways with star wide receiver Sammy Watkins and cornerback Ronald Darby. Then, in their second preseason game, the Bills offense looked terrible and Tyrod struggled, throwing an interception to his former teammate. Now veteran receiver Anquan Boldin, who Buffalo added for depth on the roster, has decided to retire less than a month after signing.

A Greater Purpose than Football.

According to ESPN, Boldin retired to pursue a "purpose greater than football." That entails charity work, grants for the underprivileged, and other various things that Boldin had done even while he was playing football. Now he plans on committing to it full time after retirement. But there is some speculation that Boldin retired for another reason: He didn't want to play on a team that isn't a contender.

So far, the Bills certainly look like they aren't interested in winning a Super Bowl. They've traded several of their best players and appear to be building the future. Anquan Boldin likely wasn't interested in being a part of that, and plenty of fans chimed in on Twitter to add their perspective to the situation.

Tweets on Boldin's Retirement.

The internet didn't hold back when it came to the news of Anquan's retirement. Tyrod Taylor didn't look great in his second preseason game, and a Tweet gave us this possible reaction from Anquan Boldin in week 2.

If Tyrod Taylor keeps playing like he did against the Eagles, he might look like Milhouse in this Tweet.

But Bills fans are the ones with the real problems right now, as it looks like the Bills are going nowhere anytime fast. These snapshots are a pretty accurate picture of how most Bills fans right now with the way this season is going.

After seventeen years, Bills fans are used to this.

But the least they could have expected was veteran wide receiver Anquan Boldin to stick it out for just one year with the team. Instead, the fans are now left like this kid on his birthday.

At this point, it might be time for us delusional Bills fans to admit that it's unlikely we'll make the playoffs with a first year head coach and first year general manager. We're all tired of it, but at least Rob Schneider makes it a little bit funnier.

With some luck, maybe the Bills will finally break through and make the playoffs this year. For now, all we can do is laugh at reactions to Anquan's retirement on Twitter.