For the past 12 years, the Kosher Food and Wine experience have graced NYC with its delicacies and diverse wines. The event includes kosher foods, many kosher wines, and liquors. Hundreds of people come from all over the tri-state area to witness this event and experience foods and wine they would not otherwise. To date, the experience is in Miami, NYC, Tel Aviv, London, and Los Angeles.

Food, wine, and spirits

The Kosher Food & Wine Experience (KFWE) started in New York, NY has the most extensive event of all cities and features hundreds of wines from over 60 wineries representing nearly every wine producing region around the world.

Along with an amazing list of wines, KFWE brings tasty bites from over 20 kosher eateries and gourmet specialty food companies throughout the tri-state area. Everything from sushi, barbecue, Asian, Continental, French, Mexican, and Caribbean food are displayed plus traditional fare. You also get pastries, cakes, and ice cream to round out your palate.

What to look forward to in 2018

NYC by far has the most significant KFWE, and this year is supposed to be the biggest with 700 interesting kosher wines and spirits from around the world. The demand for this event has grown over the years, I’ve covered KFWE, and I have seen first hand how big it has become. The 2018 edition will include wines as high-end as Herzog Generation VIII Padis Vineyard Napa Valley to Don Alfonso Merlot from Chile, plus interesting new varieties from several countries including France, Italy, Spain, Israel, Australia, Canada, Chile, Argentina, and stateside from Washington, Oregon, and California.

Wine fans can expect the release of high-end wines from the exceptional 2015 vintage in Bordeaux. These include:

- Chateau Lascombes 2015 – 2nd cru classe from Margaux

- Chateau Léoville Poyferre 2015 – 2nd cru classe Saint Julien

- Chateau Cantenac Brown 2015 – 3rd cru classe Margaux

- Chateau Trijet, Bordeaux 2015

- Herzog Lineage Choreograph, Clarksburg CA 2016

- Domaine du Castel La Vie Blanc, Judean Hills 2016

KFWE 2018 in NYC

The KFWE is on Monday, February 5th, at 60, Chelsea Piers (23rd St.

and West Side Highway, NYC). The event starts at 6:30 pm and general admission tickets are $120. This is great for a group outing as well as a first or second date. For those who cannot make to NYC, there are other dates and cities for the KFWE, Tel Aviv (January 29), London (January 31), & Los Angeles (February 7).