It’s that time of the year again, where everything is red or pink, flower companies are making a killing, and chocolate is spreading like butter on toast. This year is about quality over tradition, why get a dozen roses when you can get Don Julio tequila, why buy chocolates when you can get great whiskey with chocolate notes on the tongue? We have grown up and we demand more! Flowers last days then die off, but a good brown drink can give you more satisfaction than any chocolate or flower can.

This season, gift them something they really want, quality booze that they can enjoy after a long day at work after they put the kids to sleep or a nice way to pre-game before a night out.

I have created a list of amazing drinks that includes cognac, vodka, whiskey, and tequila. The prices are estimates and based on a 750ml-sized bottle. A bit of advice, read the taste notes because that will tell you what to buy, if they don’t like chocolate then stay away from those drinks that have cocoa notes, now enjoy and pick something great.

Luxury liquids for the fancy

1. Don Julio 1942

Known for its sharp Eiffel tower style design, Don Julio 1942 tequila is more than a fancy bottle; this tequila is in a category on its own. The super ultra premium for this drink, shots cost $45 in most bars, and it’s worth it. 1942 is produced in small batches and aged for a minimum of two and a half years and has a rich caramel chocolate vanilla taste, along with roasted agave and warm oak that lingers on till it fades into the heaven of taste.

Price: $130

2. Hennessy Master Blender’s Section Nº2 is new for the #1 cognac in the world. Although it's considered a cognac, Master Blender’s Nº2 carries whiskey characteristics. Its aged at least 10 years from rare cognacs of limited supply that start in young French Oak Barrels then transferred over to older barrels for additional aging.

Sounds like a lot but trust me, if you love whiskey, you’ll love this. The Nº2 has some peppery spices, licorice, clove, and nutmeg notes. Price: $95

3. Glenmorangie Signet is a single malt whiskey that’s nothing to play with. This one is for a true whiskey lover who loves the finer spirits. This whiskey has hints of Aruba espresso, plum pudding, rich with sherry, and candied orange peel.

On the tongue, you get rich sweetness, spices, and bitter mocha. And the finish feels like a spring-like breeze with a touch of citrus. Price: $210

4. Zacapa XO

Born in the hills of Guatemala, Zacapa rum is undoubtedly one of the best-tasting rums in the world. This rum is great for sipping and taste like whiskey. Now, Zacapa XO is like a magical land in liquid form. As soon as you open the bottle you get aromas of toasted oak, burnt caramel, dry-roasted nuts, marzipan and orange peel. After you poured a perfect glass, and take a sip, you will feel the spirit of sweetness, fruit, and spice that come from ex-cognac French oak barrels. Those barrels carry notes of dark cherry chocolate and flavors of intense dried fruits like sultana, date, and prune, sweet oak spices of clove, vanilla, and cinnamon, and lighter notes of dried mango and raspberry, with a subtle hint of ginger to finish.

Price: $100

5. Ciroc TEN

The ultimate party vodka Ciroc is more than P. Diddy dancing on Instagram, Ciroc also has quality, and no other drink in the portfolio has more quality and taste like Ciroc TEN. Ciroc X uses French grapes from 2013 that are known by the vintners as the crispest and flavorful. This gluten-free drink smells like citrus and taste like sweet heaven. The flavors stay in your mouth like a long dream at the beach watching the sunset. Price: $260

Nothing beats quality

6. Oban 14

This drink is one of my personal favorites because of its level of sweetness. The single malt from the highland region of Scotland has a rich sweetness with a good balance of smoky dryness, spice, and distinguished maturity.

Oban 14, stands alone and its great for the person who likes a silky smooth whiskey. Price: $60

7. Martell Blue Swift

Martell has been making waves lately and leading the way is their Blue Swift flavor. Blue Swift has a rich color that’s equally matched by its taste. At first, you get banana and caramelized pears then a subtle sweetness appears, and notes of vanilla & coconut mixed with spice. The taste is a bit different than the smell, which is not rare. Your palate will receive deep and fresh notes of ginger and white candied fruits such as plums. The oak will shine through due to the Kentucky Bourbon casks. Price: $50

8. Port Charlotte The Peat Project

This whiskey is not super easy to find but when you find it, grab on to it like a prized lottery ticket, yes it's that good.

The taste goes as follows, rich creaminess, peat fire warmth, vanilla sweetness, and green fruit syrup with a mid-finish. This is great for someone who likes a strong full-bodied whiskey. Price: $55

9. Hudson Baby Bourbon

Hudson Whiskey is a product of NY, and it’s the best thing next to, the NY Yankees, NY Giants, and NYC women. This bourbon packs a punch but the subtle sweetness balances it all out. This drink gives you, first-use charred American Oak barrel, which gives it light sweetness and deep amber color. Hudson Baby is made from NY State’s finest corn with a warm finish and refined taste. Price: $50

10. Volcan Cristalino

New to the market, Volcan tequila comes from the town of tequila is named after a volcano near the town.

This volcano erupted thousands of years ago but the volcanic soil is still part of the region’s land. Vulcan Cristalino is a new breed of tequila that’s made and aged an Añejo but its clear. They strip the color but keep the taste by using a charcoal process created by Romero Mena, which blends Extra Añejo and Añejo tequilas, then aging the hybrid once again. This gives the spirit a sweet, vanilla, caramel, and hints chocolate notes, with some light smoke. Best for sipping with or without ice or in your favorite margarita. Price: $60

Quality comes in all price ranges

11. Jameson Black

The ever-popular Jameson has a dark black tasty side that must be discovered. Jamo Black is triple distilled and twice charred.

Black is better, this double charred process gives Jamo an intensified taste that smells like butterscotch, fudge, and toffee but the taste is spicy with vanilla and sweet notes and a toasty and rich finish. Price: $35

12. Gentlemen’s Jack

Gentlemen’s Jack is the graduation from the boys club that is regular Jack Daniels. Gentlemen’s Jack is a complete 180 from Jack Daniels, in taste, smell and overall experience. This whiskey is very smooth with a balanced oak flavor and notes of caramel & vanilla. Price: $35

13. Johnnie Walker Blenders' Batch Wine Cask Blend

Johnnie Walker’s Blenders series has produced some tasty options but the wine blend tops them all. This drink has traces of peaches and pineapple along with sweet vanilla.

The smell and taste of red wine flow through the body seamlessly and attaches its vanilla, buttery, apricot, raspberry, cream and cigar self on to you like a scared 5-year-old child. Enjoy this with ice or ginger ale. Price: $30

There’s only one rule when drinking what you like: Drink it however you like and always drink responsibly. I have given you many options to give that someone something great. No more ties or pajamas for him. She wants more than flowers and chocolates this year. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Happy Valentine’s Day!