On Tuesday the NBA and Nike launched the new game day jerseys that will debut next season in the NBA. Nike has now officially taken over Adidas (who was the league's supplier for game day jerseys since the 2006-07 season) for the official supplier for NBA Jerseys.

The contract signed with the NBA and Nike lasts for eight years and could be potentially worth up to $1 billion. These new jerseys are vastly different to the previous ones made by Adidas, the side seams, neck, and armhole were changed to no longer give any distraction, and the uniform's back shoulder was also modified.

On Tuesday the NBA and Nike combined and showcased valuable information in regards to their new uniforms. Nike also gave a preview of the jersey design winners of last year's NBA champion the Golden State Warriors for the 2017-18 season.

After the most grueling season in the NBA yet, this influenced Nike to incorporate "3D Body maps" of the athletes in the NBA going into very high detail especially the body parts where the players get the sweatiest and the hottest. This move is so that the designers can create a design that allows this to be incorporated without the individual's ability being limited.

Nike goes into further detail

During the release, Nike went into detail about how the NBA is removing the restrictions on what jerseys an NBA team can wear when they are at home and what Jerseys an NBA team can wear on the road.

Instead, each NBA team when at home as a Choice of either four or five alternatives to choose from, this depends on which NBA team is at home as eight teams in the association have the option of choosing a classic choice.

After the home team selects their Jersey of choice, the away team has their choosing from the remaining three alternatives.

Nike supplied additional information on the two most compatible version of the uniforms that have replaced the traditional home and away uniforms.

A description of two of the jerseys was revealed

The first release is the Associated Edition which for all 30 teams is a home jersey in a classic white color. This jersey represents the accomplishment of making the NBA which the athletes have strived for almost their entire lives.

The second version is the Iconic Edition which is an away jersey and is used to represent a team's iconic identity and its rich heritage. This version uses the team's primary color, the same color that is on every fans jersey and is dominant throughout the crowd most games.