Tanner Lee hasn't played a down in a real game for the Nebraska football team. Despite that rather nagging fact, the transfer quarterback is getting some seriously rave reviews from people who know a thing or two about the next level. About a week ago, former Cleveland Browns general manager Phil Savage made it clear he felt Lee could be one of, if not the top quarterback in whatever draft class he enters.

This week, NFL guru and Bleacher Report lead writer Matt Miller made it clear he understands why the former Tulane QB is getting so much love.

Miller sat down for an interview with Land of 10. During that interview, he made it clear that the way Lee has played in practice is enough to convince many talent evaluators that the quarterback has what it takes. Nebraska football fans all over the country are hoping that Miller and Savage are 100 percent right.

Nebraska football hoping NFL gurus are right

There was a time when the arrival of Tanner Lee certainly got Nebraska football fans excited, but more cautiously optimistic than convinced he was an NFL prospect. The questions surrounding the quarterback have stemmed largely from the fact that he didn't post the best numbers when he was playing for Tulane. The transfer, in fact, had some truly terrible numbers, barely managing to have more touchdown passes than interceptions.

The usual explanation for this was that he was playing with talent well below that of what the Huskers were going to be giving him. That excuse was right of course, Tulane would be beaten by 30 or 40 points if they matched up with the Cornhuskers tomorrow. These days, the conventional wisdom says the Husker quarterback would be making all the throws and leading Nebraska over some of the better opponents in college football.

“Everyone is going to say it but he has the tools,” Miller told Land of 10. “That’s where you start with evaluating a quarterback. We haven’t really seen him yet, so size, arm strength, accuracy that you can see in practice are the things you get excited about.”

Proving grounds coming for the Nebraska football quarterback

The question as to whether or not all the tools Tanner Lee has is going to translate to wins for the Nebraska football team is getting closer to getting answered.

There are now less than two weeks before the regular season kicks off. While he faces off against Arkansas State first, it's the second game, against the Oregon Ducks that will really show whether he can live up to the hype.