Tanner Lee has had an impressive run since he was named the starting quarterback of the Nebraska football team. There has been one story after another talking about a quarterback who has an impressive delivery and even more impressive accuracy. Despite those glowing reports, there are still questions surrounding just how good Lee is really going to be.

ESPN has just released an article detailing all the questions that plague Big Ten teams this season. It should come as no surprise that when talking about the Nebraska football team, Tanner Lee is right there at the top.

While the reasons for doubt are definitely there, it isn't as though no other college football teams have walked into the season, expected to compete with less established quarterbacks.

Nebraska football has a true veteran under center

Lee came to the Huskers from Tulane after posting some less than stellar stats. As ESPN points out, he posted 23 touchdown passes but also had 21 interceptions for the Green Wave. It's the interceptions that likely have Nebraska football fans and the national media wondering just how good he can be. For his part, Lee has made it clear he believes his year studying under Mike Riley is going to pay off big time.

We're all going to see whether or not the quarterback has truly grown into someone who can lead the team to a real resurgence.

ESPN makes it clear they are not writing off the QB completely writing, "If Lee can manage games and not make big mistakes, the Huskers could be on their way to an excellent season." The if there might not be underlined and bolded but it's clear the national media isn't convinced he can do exactly that.

Offensive questions dominate for teams other than Nebraska football

While Lee is at the center of questions about the Nebraska football team, there are plenty of other teams that have some severe question marks on the offensive side of the ball. Northwestern, Purdue, Minnesota and Iowa are all facing their own issues on the offensive side of the ball.

The most interesting part is Northwestern, who has a veteran, returning starter at quarterback. Teams like Purdue and Minnesota are basically starting from scratch with new coaches and new offenses.

Lee has better talent at Nebraska than he had ever been able to work with at Tulane. That could be the big difference for the quarterback who has a great delivery and a great arm. We'll get to see both in just 80 days and then the questions will go away fast.